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What We Do


Top Keto Diet Resource

Keto Survey aims to be the most comprehensive, reputable and helpful resource keto dieters turn to whenever they are looking for keto diet information.


Empower Individuals Through Keto Diet

Keto Survey aims to empower one million individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle through keto diet.

This is achieved through the publication and syndication of helpful articles, podcasts and videos directly via and its relevant social platforms.

Some form of helpful information include:

  1. Keto diet guides and recipes.
  2. Strict game plans to follow.
  3. Honest and unbiased supplement reviews actually tested.
  4. Successful and inspiring stories from our community.
  5. Many more great stuff.



Satisfaction Guarantee


How Can We Improve?

Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied. If there is anything that we can do to improve your experience, feel free to contact us.

In fact, Shaun would be personally going through all the suggestions and comments you might have.


A Word From Shaun

First of all, thank you so much for spending your time learning about the goals of Keto Survey. To be honest, I am really flattered right now.

I got into the keto diet world by coincidence. My dad was an active Pruvit distributor which works like most Multi Level Marketing company (by the way, it’s quite profitable being a Pruvit distrubutor).

Anyways, I was trying hard to lose fat at that time. I would actually fast for a few days to lose just a few pounds. Being extremely attracted to delicious food, you could probably imagine how difficult it is for me to actually fast.

The worst part, all it takes me is one delicious buffet dinner to gain all the lost pounds back. I realized that the way I am losing weight isn’t long lasting.

Being an active distributor, my dad has excess Pruvit Keto OS which is an exogeneous base supplement that helps you get into ketosis quickly. I didn’t know much about the whole keto thing at that time but decided to give it a shot.

Guess what? It worked.

I managed to actually see positive effect after trying the supplement for around a week or so. I then started to do all the research I can about ketosis and I found out how awesome this process is.

You can technically eat fatty food all day and still lose weight gradually. You will get so much energy that you won’t feel like dosing off in the afternoon. There are so many awesome effects you will see following a keto diet.

Through Keto Survey, I constantly share various tested keto diet supplements, recipes and game plans so you can get into keto diet easily. Best part of all, I will be leveraging this platform to conduct surveys so all of us (including you) will have more unbiased information in regards to keto diet.