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6 Best Keto Diet Apps 2019 (Review) – Track Your Carbs

Keto diets are rising in popularity and some people might feel it is a little difficult but keto diets are actually very simple and easy to follow if you have the determination and discipline. On a keto diet you need to lower your carb intake and increase your fat consumption, healthy fats of course.

How this diet works is that it causes your body to go into a state of ketosis which is when it gives your body energy from stored fat. Ketosis is able to help your body lose weight and also decrease your blood sugar levels and also suppress your hunger while increasing your energy levels.

On top of that, keto diets are also known to help improve your body and health from metabolic diseases. However, it is hard sometimes to eat the right proportions of fats and carbs in your diet and to balance it out. It might be tricky for dieters who are starting out and some people have reported side effects in the beginning of their keto diets like bad breath, digestive issues, insomnia and in severe cases the keto flu.


What is a Keto Diet?

A keto diet refers to high fat, medium protein and low carb diet. With a keto diet you are hoping to get more calories from fat and protein rather than from carbs. How keto diet works is that it depletes the body of the stored sugar has it starts breaking down fat and protein energy in the body which causes ketosis to happen.

Do take note that it is important to check with your doctor before going on the diet to see if the diet is safe and suitable for you. If it is suitable, there are many ways to help you kick start your diet with ease.

Here, I’m gonna talk about few of my favourite apps that can help you in many ways in your keto diet. Why should you look at apps? Apps are able to provide you with recipes, knowledge, ingredients you can use, planning your daily means and help to continue to motivate you on your diet.

With the app, there will be much help that you can get from it and also make your diet fun and interesting. Having an app will definitely make your keto journey more efficient and easy to manage especially if you are a beginner dieter.

Our Top Three Picks

My fitness Pal
  • Editor Rating
  • My FitnessPal
  • Best Choice
  • Editor Rating
  • Cronometer
  • Most Thorough Tracker
keto diet app
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  • Keto Diet App
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Top Keto Diet Apps

My Fitnesspal Review

So one of the apps here is My FitnessPal. It is one of the popular apps among keto dieters and other types of dieters as well. With over 150 million registered users, they are definitely doing something right on their app.

How this app works is that is allows users to track their macros and also determine your ideal calorie intake that is suitable for your body. Not only that, there is also nutrient intake given. How it is calculated is based on the goals you set in the app, it will generate the suggested nutrient and calorie intake. 

Using the app is also very simple as all you need to do to start off is to set up an account in the app and put in your details. The app allows you to insert your goals, as mentioned earlier the app generates the calorie and nutrient amount from the goals you set. This will help you plan your meals and allow you to know how much you can eat. With this, it makes it easy for keto dieters who are beginning to start their diet.  

Another great feature to the My FitnessPal app is that it has the scanning feature. This allows you to scan the barcodes of packaged food items. Not only that, it also allows you to put in the brand of the food in the search bar. This makes it easy for you when you are purchasing groceries or snacks.  

The app has a great database as it has over six million types of food with international cuisine and items included as well. This will allow you to eat a wide range of food and test out many cuisines.

As mentioned earlier, the app is able to count the calories you consume. But on top of that, the app also offers you information on the calories you consume. You can also track your dietary fibre which allow you to get your daily carb count.

It also syncs with third party devices like your apple watch making it very accessible to you. The App also has a free version and a premium version, with the premium version it has additional features such as the feature to adjust the macros by grams and change your macros daily.

One of the downsides to the app is that the data in the app is updated by the apps community, the users of the app so it might not be very accurate.

Here are some of the other notable features:

  • It has a recipe importer in the app – This is able to help you import the details of the recipe you cook like the nutrients in it
  • It also teaches you how to make healthier food choices in your daily life. 
  • When going to restaurants, you are able to log in menu items from the restaurant you are at, especially your favourite restaurants.
  • The app automatically counts the calories in your meals, recipes and also food you pruchase.
  • Not many apps has this, but My Fitness Pal has a water tracking feature that allows you to log in how much you drank in ounces or milliliters.
  • It is also able to track all types of nutrients such as calories, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, protein, cholesterol, fat and more


MyFitnessPal is free to download. If you decide to upgrade to MyFitnessPal Premium, two auto-renewing subscription options are available: $9.99/month and $49.99/year.

Total Keto Diet Review

Total Keto Diet is also another great keto diet app. It was created by Tasteaholics which is an online platform that has dedicated themselves to low carb diets like the ketogenic diet. This app is fairly new as it started in March 2018 but it has been doing well in the market. It already has hundreds of recipes in its app, keto recipes that can help you in your daily keto diet.

Other than that, the app also features keto foods, showing you what foods are keto friendly, guides on your keto diet, shopping lists and also information and knowledge for you to help you with your keto diet and also the change in lifestyle.

One great perk the Total Keto Diet app has is that it constantly updates its app with new recipes, meaning that the amount of recipes are increasing. This gives you a wide range to choose from and ensure you that you won’t be getting bored of the food to eat when on your keto diet. As sometimes we just need a little inspiration to make our meal more interesting.

If you are one that likes cooking and come up with your own recipes, you can also share the recipes on the app so that other keto dieters can enjoy it as well. This makes the app like a community among keto dieters, motivating one another on your keto journey.

The app also includes a keto calculator in it to help you start counting your keto macros. It also has a macros tracker in the app to allow you to track your macros and calories on a daily basis. This will be helpful for all keto dieters especially those who are just starting off as everything they would need is in one app.

In the app, there is also a section labelled favorites. Here, you can add in the recipes you like hence you can just go straight to it not needing to go through everything again.

This app is extremely helpful for a keto dieter that has just started keto dieting as it has everything in it to help and motivate you. The app even has a beginner’s keto guide section to help beginners. Also, the app developer also ensures that they will offer more features in the near future on news about keto, a low carb community and much more. Hence this shows that they are continuously updating to seek improvement in their app.

Below are some of the good features about the app:

  • Every week, the app has more keto recipes as hundreds of keto recipes are added.
  • There is an offline reading feature for viewed keto recipes
  • There is a favorites section in the app
  • Favourite counter where you will be able to see what recipes people like most
  • Keto diet Beginner’s Guide
  • Shopping list that is able to divide the ingredients according to recipe


The Total Keto Diet app is free to download. But one of the bad sides to this app is that it is only available on Google Play which means it is only available for android devices and not apple which is a really downside to it. However if you are using an Android you will definitely benefit from this app.


Senza App Review

Senza is also a keto diet app but it has a more elegant layout. What Senza offers to its users is that it helps them track their carbs by scanning the barcodes on items as well as searching for menus of restaurants. On top of that, the app also offers nutrition information on many types of food items, hundreds of food items.

The app is also great at educating you about the keto diet and it also has guides on the app to help you out on your keto journey. This is perfect for beginner keto dieters as it will help them to kick start their keto diet journey in the right way.

When you get the app, you should first log in to Senza. Once you do, the app will provide you with a step-by-step guide first about changing into a keto diet. The app will teach you about how to transition into the diet as well as about macros and also talk to you about some nutritional facts like the importance of having electrolytes in your diet.

On the app there are many features that will help you. You will be able to get ideas of what foods to eat, planning your meals as well as recipes. There is also a food journal in there that you can use. Senza also has a great feature that offers live support from nutritionist that are specialized in the keto diet.  

One of the feature in this app that I have to highlight here is that it has a glucose tracking and insulin load information. This will help you track your glucose levels and keep it at a safe amount. This feature is not a common feature on most apps which makes this app much more special.

The app is also synced with your apple health if you are using an apple device. This will help you chart the progress of your keto diet and show the progress in your keto journey.

The Senza app is free to download and is able for both apple and android devices, accessible to everyone.


Cronometer Review

The Cronometer is one of the top keto dieting apps as it has great tracking features. It is spelled CRON-O-METER and the word CRON actually stands for Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition which is its targeted audience.

The Cronometer uses the latest USDA databases for nutritional info and it helps you keep track of the calories you consume, micronutrients that includes minerals and vitamins, and macronutrients that consist of specific amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids. With this information, it then plots the data against the RDAs and you will be able to see how much each food contributes in your body.

The app continuously runs tally of all the things you eat and also gives you the facts on how close you are to fulfilling the RDAs of each nutrient.

Cronometer is also a good app at tracking your nutrition and it provides lots of information and very detailed in fact. It provides information that is relevant to you, so if you are a keto dieter it provides information that will help you. The app also has a barcode scanner that works really well and allows you to scan items when you are shopping.

Usually, keto dieters are more focused on macros which means more focused of the carbs, protein and fat intake and they tend to ignore the micronutrients intake hence why a lot of keto dieters feel side effects from the diet as their body does not have enough of micronutrients.

With the Cronometer, it will help you track your micros and ensure you are getting the right amount of potassium ot magnesium in your diet. However there are 2 nutrients that the app does not track which is Iodine and Vitamin K2. It is not very bad as most apps does not even have micronutrient tracking.

The Cronometer is free to download and is available for both android and apple devices.


Carb Manager Review

Carb Manager is a keto diet app that promotes itself to be the world’s easiest and most comprehensive low- carb tracker and macros counter. The app is easy to use and comes with great features. The app allows you to track your meals and food intake. TO do so is very simple as keying in your meals can be done through camera, voice and even search.

The app also has a barcode feature to allow you to scan the food items and it can pull data from the library it has of over 1 million types of verified food products. With the large library they have, it allows you to find most common types of dishes in the restaurant and also foods that are quite common. It has detailed information including the net carb amounts. 

The app also offers informative sources and knowledge on keto diets as it has recipes, forums, articles, e-books and also a meal planner to help you plan out your daily meals. 

The Carb Manager app has 2 versions the free version and the premium version at a cost of $3.34 a month. The free version is a basic keto diet app but if you are looking for more features it is on the premium version. The premium version has smart analysis, health reports, find recipes easier, no limit on daily key in data, no limit on meals to key in, view the macros and nutrition value of each meal and many more.

The app also has glucose tracking, ketone tracking which is done by their graphing system. The calories is also broken down by grams or percentage.


Keto Diet App Review

The Keto Diet App was created with keto dieters in mind, hence the name Keto Diet App. It was first launched in the year 2012 and it developed a good amount of features in the app to help keto dieters in their daily lives.

The mission of the Keto Diet app is to help people get into a healthy lifestyle not to just lose weight but to be healthy. The food you take is important as high quality food and nutritious food will be able to help you reach your goals.

The app allows you to track your daily meals, input your calorie intake, macros intake as well as other great features. For example, there is a large library of keto recipes that is always updated so there is no way of you getting bored of eating the same type of food. Each recipe provided has the listed amount of macros and calories the meal offers allowing you to keep track easily.

The app is mainly focussed on weight loss and if your keto diet goal is for weight loss as well then the app will be able to help you track you daily and also track your progress. Keto Diet app also ensures its users that all the nutritional data provided has been verified and not user generated. This will help your meals be the best choice and quality for you.

The app also comes with a barcode scanning feature as well as restaurant meal information. One perk to the app is that you can actually set the limit of your carb intake goals in the app. Since the keto diet is a low carb diet, this feature is very helpful.


Features of the app:

  • Has about 300 recipes in the app – and is continuously updated 
  • 935 recipes in the blog – has new content everyday
  • The library consists of 1.66 million popular foods, branded items and also restaurant meals or dishes.

However, the only downfall about this app is that it comes with a cost. It is available at both Google Play and Apple store. It is priced at $8.99 in the Apple store and $6.99 in Google Play.

It is not a very large sum but it still might not be something everyone would want to invest in. It is an app that can be personalized to your use and is accurate as well to help you with your diet. In both app stores, the app has been rate 4 out of 5 stars which is good and shows that people are happy and satisfied with it.  


How is KetoDiet Different from Other Apps?

The Keto Diet App has no hidden costs to it and no subscriptions. You will only need to pay once and it includes everything the Keto diet app has to offer. There are articles, recipes, advice from experts, and tracking features to help your diet much.

Be assured that all your data is private and they do not share it with other people. So there is no need to worry about the safety of your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Why Would I Need A Keto Diet App?


A keto diet app is very helpful as it allows you to use it as a tracker, meal guides, food intake. It is also a community in some apps has some apps allows you to post and look at what other people post as well and they also have professional advice on the app as well. 

It is also a good way for beginners in the keto world as things may be a bit confusing with so much information. Having an app will give you a guideline and lead you the right way in your diet. 

Are All Keto Apps Free?

All the apps mentioned above range from free to paid. Some apps come in two versions, a free version and a premium version or in app purchases. For example the top app My FitnessPal, it has a free and premium version. If the free version is not sufficient for you, you can opt for the premium version and it is a one time paying app. 

Do take note that some apps mentioned above has the monthly subscription above as highlighted in the description. But there are also apps that are a one time paying app and some free. So there is no need to worry as there is an app for everyone. 

What Can A Keto Diet App Track?

Apps can help you with your diet in tracking your food intake by keying it in the app. When you are shopping you can also scan the food items to your app so that you know the macros of the dish you are cooking or the food you are buying. 

Another thing is that some apps can check your calories, water consumption as well as the nutrients your body is receiving by the food you are consuming. This is why it is good to have an app as it will keep you on track and allow you to have a proper keto diet.

Is The Data/Advices Given In The App Trustworthy?

Most of the apps are good and trustworthy. From the above apps mentioned, most of its data are taken from professionals and nutritionist and not user generated. However, there are apps that allow you to post your recipes as well and look at the recipes other post as well which is helpful. 

I would say the apps are all of good choices and will help with your keto diet as the app continuosly maintains its app and the information on it as well


Top Choice: My FitnessPal

My FitnessPal. It is one of the popular apps among keto dieters and other types of dieters as well. With over 150 million registered users, they are definitely doing something right on their app.

It also allows users to track their macros and determine your ideal calorie intake that is suitable for your body. Not only that, there is also nutrient intake given. 

My FitnessPal is a great app with a wide range of choices from different cuisines as well. 

This is for you if:

  • Want a free app or have an option to purchase a premium version as well
  • want a wide range of food cuisine options
  • You want to track your calories
  • Want to track your water consumption

Potential downside include:

  • need to pay for additional features (premium version)


About The Author

Losing weight has always been a hard thing for me. I would stick to a strict diet, eating as little as I possibly could to only lose a few pounds. Sadly, after a sweet buffet dinner, I would gain all the “lost” weight back. Keto Diet allows me to consistently lose and maintain my weight while enjoying the most fattening food I can possibly imagine. Let me show you how.