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8 Best MCT Oil For Keto 2019 – A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

MCT Oils are one of the most sought after supplement among dieters especially keto dieters. It has been rising in popularity.

MCT Oils are packed with benefits and will help you in your keto diet greatly. The supplement is great at suppressing appetite, increase the ability of your body to burn fat and also help your body achieve ketosis.

MCT Oil stands for medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which is a type of saturated fat that is used by the body differently from long chain saturated fats.

How MCTs are different is that it does not need enzymes from the body to digest it and it can be absorbed by the small intestine directly and almost all of it, approximately 70% is used by your body immediately for energy production instead of storing it in the body. MCT oils are also a great source for your body as an antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which is quite a unique characteristic for a fatty acid.

Naturally, MCTs contain 60% of coconut oil, 50% palm kernel oil as well as 12% of dairy foods and there are also 4 types of MCTs. There is caproic acid (C6), Caprylic Acid (C8), Capric acid (C10) and Lauric acid (C12). Below will be the details of each type of MCT.


Caproic Acid (C6)

Caproic Acid or in short C6 is the shortest form of MCTs containing only 6 carbons. C6 is great at converting ketones faster than the other MCTs which are longer, containing more carbon. One of the most interesting about caproic acid is its chemical name which comes from the word capra that is Latin for goat. This is because, C6 smells and tastes like goats. However, there is no need to worry about the taste as the smell and flavour is removed when processed.

One of the negative effects of Caproic acid would be that it causes digestive issues when consumed even in small doses which will affect your stomach. Hence why it is important to find MCT Oils that are great in quality. Low quality MCT oils usually may contain about 1- 2% of C6.


Caprylic Acid (C8)

Caprylic Acid also known as C8 which is the good type of MCT that brings you the benefits you’re looking for. It has 8 carbon molecules in it and is able to convert ketones in your body in minutes. This makes C8 MCT Oil great at suppressing hunger as well as fuel your body and brain throughout the day which can help avoid the risk of feeling foggy and tired.
One of the good things to C8 is that it is flavourless, odourless and is easy on your stomach unlike C6 that has a goat taste, smell and causes stomach discomfort.


Capric Acid (C10)

Capric acid has 10 carbon molecules to it however it is less efficient in your body as compared to C8. With the extra 2 carbons, the liver in your body will need a longer time to convert it into ketones. Your body will still be able to get the benefits of MCT Oils helping metabolism and brain function but converting ketones will just take a longer time.

C10 is more common than C8 which makes it cheaper to produce. This is why some products have a blend of C8 and C10 to make the product cheaper.


Lauric Acid (C12)

Lauric Acid is one of the cheapest type of MCT Oil as it has lots of coconut oil. However, a biochemist would argue that lauric acid is not an MCT Oil as it behaves like a long chain fatty acid. The extra carbons in it means your body needs to work more which means your lover is less efficient in absorbing it. Absorbing C12 is also difficult especially if you are not on a proper diet as it is only able to be broken down into ketones if you are on a very low carb diet.

Our Top Three Picks

  • Editor Rating
  • Perfect Keto
  • Best Choice
brain octane
  • Editor Rating
  • Bulletproof Brain Octane
  • Good Quality
left coast
  • Editor Rating
  • Left Coast
  • Affordable

Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT Oil Ketosis Weight loss

MCT oils are great at helping the body by boosting weight loss in the body without increasing the cholesterol levels and muscle loss. Weight loss benefits can be found in C10 and C8 MCT oils as both these MCT has great chain length that is short and the body can digest it properly and helps boost energy in the body and aid in effective weight loss.


Boost Brain Power

Most high quality MCT Oils usually have a combination of C8 and C10 MCT Oil which are great sources and fuels for the brain. When consuming MCT Oil, it can help boost your brain efficiency and have better brain function.

When consuming MCT Oil, your body has better ketone production. Ketones are better at fueling the body and giving the body energy than glucose. So with the consumption of MCT oils, it will provide the brain with energy easily. On top of that, ketones also would need less oxygen to make energy which will protect the brain from any oxidative stress.


Antimicrobial Action

MCT Oils have great qualities as it is a healthy fat that is able to kill yeast, bacteria and viruses as well. Researchers have noted the MCTs that are in breastmilk are a help in protecting against sensitive guts of the newborn baby from bacterias as well as being able to boost the baby’s probiotic bacteria levels.

There are studies that prove that MCTs does have antimicrobial action that is able to kill a wide range of bacterias such as Escherichia, Shigella, and Streptococcus. Not only that but it is also able to help against a range of viruses and candida yeast.


Improved Gut Health

While on a keto diet, it is important to take care of your gut health. To take care of your gut, you would need a healthy digestive tract that will help absorb all the health benefiting fats and micronutrients. MCT Oil consumption can help improve gut health by balancing out the gut flora which is a group of microorganisms living in the digestive tracts of your body.

If you have problems digesting fat in your body, MCT oils will help improve the fat intake during your keto diet as fats will be able to pass through the digestive tract at ease.


Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

You might think fats are bad for you and cause cardiovascular disease, heart attack and a stroke but MCTs are healthy fats unlike trans fat that are bad for you. MCTs do not cause your body the risks mentioned above like how trans fat does.

Coconut oils are nature’s richest source of MCTs and studies have shown that it is able to change blood lipid profile that is able to protect the cardiovascular system.


Side effects of MCT Oil. Is it safe?

MCTs are natural and are safe for most people. If you do have any health conditions like high cholesterol, high triglyceride levels it might not be suitable for you as MCT oil will increase triglyceride levels.

However, there are some side effects when taking MCT Oils. The most common one would be stomach discomfort. As mentioned earlier, if you do take MCT oils that are low quality they do contain about 1-2% of C6 MCT Oil which will cause stomach discomfort. Below are some of the side effects you might face.

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Belching
  • Bloating
  • Headache
  • Stomachache

If you do experience the side effects mentioned there is a way to overcome the side effects by starting of with small dosages of MCT oil and slowly increasing it.


Top 8 MCT Oil Products 

Perfect Keto 100% Pure MCT Oil Review


Perfect Keto is a 100% Pure MCT Oil and is made with the C8 MCT oil which is the best type of MCT oil. As mentioned earlier, C8 or Caprylic acid is the best MCT oil as it has the shorter carbon chain which makes it easier for the body to convert the ketones and it is able to convert ketones faster as well.

Since perfect keto uses Caprylic acid, C8 MCT oil this means that Perfect Keto is a high quality MCT Oil and will bring the best benefits MCT oils has to offer.

Normally, the MCTs in coconut oil only contain 6% of C8. Hence this means that the 100% C8 oil that Perfect Keto has is a concentrated and powerful MCT oil that can give your body great benefits and provide your body and brain with the right amount of energy and fuel for your body and brain.

Perfect Keto’s 100% C8 MCT OIL is 100% pure and is obtained from coconuts making it a natural source to help you in your keto diet. It has great antimicrobial properties making it easier for your body to convert ketones as well as the ability to suppress your appetite as well. If you are one to have sugar problems, it is said that MCT oils are able to help you with stabilizing your blood sugar as it brings your glucose levels under control. It is also a great energy boost for your workouts.

To consume Perfect Keto’s liquid MCT oil is best to consume in the morning or in between your meals to improve mental sharpness and help you focus throughout the day. It is also good to take it before your exercise to give you a boost of energy. Do take the supplement with an empty stomach and you can even add it in your beverage in the morning.


Onnit MCT Oil Review



One of the other great MCT Oil supplements is by Onnit. Onnit’s MCT Oil is also derived from coconuts and has been processed. The contents of Onnits MCT oil contains 41% of Caprylic acid (C8), 27% of C10 and 30% of Lauric acid by using pure coconut oil.

The blend of MCT oil is due to the believe that the lauric acid which is a slower burning fuel source is able to complement C8 and C10 the faster chains of MCT. This will allow the supplement to provide the body with a longer energy supply curve and help with the digestive side of the body. 

The suggested dosage of Onnit’s MCT oil blend is to take 1 teaspoon 1 to 4 times daily. Start off with smaller doses then slowly increase the dosage. You can also add the oil into smoothies or your morning beverage or even in a protein shake.

Something to take note off is that this oil is not recommended to be used for cooking as it has a low boiling point. However, you can add it in your salad dressing as long there is no heat to it.


Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Review



Kiss My Keto is also one of the natural MCT oils that only contains pure C8 which is the best type of MCT oil as it is the most efficient at helping convert ketones in the body.The supplement is able to supply your body with good fats and provide energy throughout the day and is low in carbs and a great MCT supplement. 

Kiss My Keto also claims to boost energy in your body, improve your mood and also help with digestion. This is because it uses MCT C8 which is the shortest chain that is good for the body and it is able to supply fuel for your brain and muscles quickly.
When on the keto diet, taking MCT oil will help with your digestion and nutrient absorption.

MCT oil can aslo help with the stubborn fat in your body and help you lose weight while boosting your metabolism. This is a great supplement to take when working out and doing active sports as well.

To consume it, you can take it with your smoothie or even put it in your coffee. You can also use it in your cooking. This supplement is great to take it prior to your workout or after your workout.


Left Coast MCT Oil Review



For left coasts MCT oil, it is made of a blend of 2 types of MCT oil which is C8 and C10. As mentioned earlier, companies usually add in C10 to the mixture as it is cheaper and easier to get hence making the product more affordable to users.
It consists of 7.8g of C8 and 6.2g of C10 which was obtained from coconuts that are sustainable and also contains no carbs making it perfect for us keto dieters.

Consuming this supplement during a keto diet is able to improve your ketone levels, helping your body convert ketones. MCTs are different from other fats as they are healthy fats and is metabolized differently and does not need your liver to convert it to energy. The supplement can also help with your blood sugar levels.

Left coasts gets their MCT oil from coconuts and filter them up to 3 times to make it as pure as possible to bring a high quality product.

To consume it, it is suggested to start if in small doses of ½ a teaspoon and then slowly add on to the recommended serving portion. Left Coast also claims that the product works faster than other oils as it is able to convert energy faster than other oils while maintaining good cholesterol levels in your body and improve the metabolic rate. You can also add the oil into your salads or put it in anyway in your meals or even your morning coffee and smoothies.

It is manufactured in the US at a GMP facility and each batch of their supplements is tested. The product us also vegan, gluten free, keto friendly as well as paleo friendly. The bottle it comes in is BPA free and is food grade PET plastic container hence there are no harmful chemicals on the bottle that would transfer to the oil.


Viva Naturals Review



Viva Naturals is an organic MCT oil containing a blend of MCTs. It has 8.6g of Caprylic acid (C8), 5.4g of Caprid acid (C10) and 0.1g of Lauric acid (C12). It is made from 100% organic coconuts that are handpicked and also non-GMO. Every batch produced by Viva Naturals is also hand picked and tested by a third party.

This supplement is great for fat burning and supplying energy to your body as it is processed differently. The Viva Natural supplement is great to support your keto diet or any other low carb diets and helps provide your body with mental focus and stamina as well during low carb diets. It may also help with your sugar levels to help maintain a healthy level.

The supplement is also odorless and tasteless hence making it easy to consume and you can also add it into your salads, sauces, smoothies and is a perfect combination for your coffee. Just by adding in a tablespoon of the Viva Natural organic MCT oil can boost your day and turn it into a better day.


Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Review

The Bulletproof has 2 types of MCT oil supplement. One is the Bulletproof Brain Octane oil and another is the Bulletproof XCT oil. The difference between the two is that the Brain Octane oil is a pure MCT C8 oil and the XCT oil is a blend of MCT oil containing C8 and C10.

The Bulletproof Brain octane is the most powerful type of MCT. With 8 carbons it has a short chain that is perfect for keto dieters and easy for the body to process and digest it. It does not have any type of solvents or other MCT oils in it and is made with 100% sustainable coconut oil not palm oil.

Brain octane is naturally found in coconut oil but in a small amount. The Bulletproof Brain Octane is only pure C8 MCT meaning that it is a concentrated and pure form of MCT giving your body the best benefits and a product of high quality.

Brain octane supplement has been distilled 3 times through their distillation process that includes water, heat and pressure to make sure the product is clean and pure. It also been sent for lab tests to test the purity of the product and is free from any harsh chemicals or solvents.

It also produces ketones 4 times more than coconut oil and promotes better digestion and improves your immune system. Brain octane obtains its MCT oils from pure coconuts that are sustainable and not palm oils that would affect the orangutans habitat making it not sustainable.

When consuming bulletproof brain octane, you will be able to get the benefits of MCT oils such as the boost in energy, appetite suppressed and with the distilled C8 MCT that has been distilled 3 times it ensures the product is clean and avoids the risk of you experiencing side effects like stomach discomfort that low quality MCT oils would cause you.


Sports Research Review

Sports Research is another MCT Oil supplement that is in the market. It has a blend of MCTs containing 5.65g of C8, 3.7g of C10 and 4g of C12. The supplement is made with 100% coconut oil and no palm oil and is also included in the Non-GMO project. On top of that, Sports Research also send their products to a third party certified keto.

The MCT Oil is able to bring benefits to your body in helping with boosting your brain power, efficiency as well as supply energy to your body.

Sports Research MCT oil is odorless as well as tasteless hence it is easy to consume with no aftertaste and suitable to be added into anything. You can add it into your coffee or any beverages and you can even add it in your meals. The supplement is also Paleo and vegan friendly.

One thing to highlight about Sport Research’s MCT supplement is that it has a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can try the product out and if you don’t see results you are able to return the product and get a refund on it. This makes it a product worth trying as you will not be something too risky for you.


Bulletproof XCT Oil Review

As mentioned above, the differences between this supplement that is the Bulletproof XCT oil and the above supplement Bulletproof brain octane, the XCT oil has a blend of C8 and C10 which is a good blend of MCT oils.

Companies usually add in C10 as it is cheaper to produce and is more common hence this makes the product more affordable to its consumers. C10 is not a bad MCT it just has more carbons meaning a longer chain hence it might take a longer time than C8 to convert the ketones in your body.

Bulletproof XCT is naturally found in small quantities in coconut oil but it is a substance that is easily digested and absorbed by the body to convert into ketones and provide your body with lasting energy throughout the day.

Bulletproof XCT oil is obtained from 100% sustainable pure coconut oil not from palm oil. It is also sugar free and provides the body with a quick boost of energy and help you in maintaining, losing and managing your weight.

The XCT oil can be consumed anytime throughout the day and can be added into almost anything from your coffee, smoothies or even your meals like in your salad dressing or any meals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Why Should I Take MCT Oil?

MCT Oil helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels in your body as well as improve your metabolism rate in your body.

MCT Oils are suitable in your body as it can be broken down without needing to use your liver or an energy source. 

There has been a study that shows a group of people taking MCT Oil and it improved their metabolism rate by 12%. 

Also, for those who are on a keto diet, MCT Oils will help increase the calories in your body from healthy fats. 


Benefits from MCT Oils

  • Increase Brain Power
  • Increase Energy Boost 
  • Helps burn fat 
  • Reduce cravings

Where Can I Purchase MCT Oils?

The Top 3 products mentioned can be purchased through the links we provide which will lead you to the exact product. 


Which type of MCT Oil is good?

One of the best type of MCT is C8 also known as Caprylic acid. 

Products containing only pure C8 MCT are the ones of higher quality as C8 are hider to find and more expensive to produce. Hence why in the top 3 products two of it, Perfect Keto and Bulletproof Brain Octane are mentioned as they both contain pure C8 MCT Oil. 

For a cheaper product, companies usually mix C8 and C10 as C10 provides the same benefits but it might take longer time for your body to process it. It also makes the supplement more affordable as C10 is more common and cheaper to produce. 

Top Choice: Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto’s 100% C8 MCT OIL is 100% pure and is obtained from coconuts making it a natural source to help you in your keto diet. It has great antimicrobial properties making it easier for your body to convert ketones as well as the ability to suppress your appetite as well.

If you are one to have sugar problems, it is said that MCT oils are able to help you with stabilizing your blood sugar as it brings your glucose levels under control. It is also a great energy boost for your workouts.

On top of that, Perfect Keto has had great reviews and is performing well in the market due to its quality and affordability as well.


This is for you if:

  • Want a good quality MCT Oil
  • Want an affordable MCT Oil
  • On a keto diet


Potential downside include:

  • If taken in too high dosage can cause stomach discomfort


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