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Keto Diet 101

The Beginners Guide To A Sustainable, Healthy And Enjoyable Keto Diet

Keto Diet has become really popular lately and everyone seems to be interested. When it comes to the best weight lost strategy to maintaining a heathy lifestyle, I have always hear friends and relatives recommending this diet.

However, especially to beginners, this diet will not seem logical to you as it goes against what we traditionally know about healthy dieting. This ultimate guide aims to bring you from a complete beginner to a successful keto dieter.

Four Chapters To Success

Chapter 1: Introduction To Keto Diet

If you want keto diet to work out for you, the first step is to understand the logic behind ketosis as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated.

1. The Logic Behind Keto Diet: How It Really Works

2. The Pros and Cons of Keto Diet

Chapter 3: Is Supplements Necessary?

Learn if you actually need supplements to maintain a sustainable and effective keto diet and how each category of supplements work.

1. Are Supplements Necessary for Keto Diet?


Chapter 2: Getting Started Right Away

In order to get started, you need to identify the most suitable type of ketogenic diet. Also, I created a 10-day game plan to help get you started.

1. Types of Ketogenic Diet – Finding the Right Fit

2. 10-Day Game Plan: Start Right Here

Chapter 4: You Can Do It Too!

Lastly, I would like to inspire you with a bunch of successful stories. I thought that it might give you some additional moral boost to get started and stay determined.

1. Inspiration: Evidence Of Real & Successful Keto Dieters