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Inspiration: Evidence Of Real & Successful Keto Dieters

There are countless success stories of the Keto diet out there but here are 10 we would like to share with you. I hope you are as inspired as I am by their stories and that it will motivate you to take on this challenge that will change your life!


The Average Joe Like You And Me

Kristina Guice

Kristina Guice

Kristina Guice said that she had always been the “fat kid in school”. However, after she went through 2 major events in her life, she decided to get serious about losing weight. She found out about the Keto diet through an article on Reddit and was inspired to take it on. Taking up the challenge was not easy because, as she said, “bread was the love of my life”. However, seeing the results of losing weight motivated her to keep going. Finally, she lost 100 pounds!


Claudia Wood

Claudia Wood

Claudia Wood lost 31 pounds after adopting the Keto diet for 6 months in May 2018. She shared on her Instagram account that “this has been a journey, but I love every moment of it”. She also went on to say “It’s not over just yet” which proved to be true because she continued her Keto journey and eventually became a certified Health and Ketosis coach! Today, she is still motivated and pressing on to reach her ideal weight goal of 50 pounds.


Kristina Nicole

Kristina Nicole

Kristina Nicole was overweight for a period in her life. After she ended her former relationship, she began spending more time on herself. In October 2016, she found out about the Keto diet and decided to give it a try. In the first 2 months, she lost 10 pounds. She continued following the Keto diet while going to the gym regularly. Finally, she lost about 76 pounds altogether!


Jeremiah Peterson

 Jeremiah Peterson

After a hike where he could not keep up with his family, Jeremiah decided that it was time to do something about his increasing weight. He was determined and said that “I signed up knowing I was going to give this challenge every single thing I had”. After 5 months of strict Keto dieting and daily hour-long hikes, he managed to lose 82 pounds! The best part is not just the physical transformation but the transformation within. “I have so much more energy…I am always in a great mood…I feel like I have become the dad and husband that I really wanted to be”, said Jeremiah. 


Suzanne Ryan

Suzanne Ryan

Suzanne Ryan used to try out different diets without finding long-term success. One day, she stumbled upon the Keto diet online and was impressed with the results that people got from it. She was excited to try it out and never looked back since then. Within one year of the Keto diet, Suzanne lost 100 pounds. She lost another 20 pounds to attain her goal weight and has been maintaining it since. She runs an Instagram account today called “ketokarma” providing keto-friendly recipes and tips to keto dieters and even published a book called “Simply Keto” that was on the bestseller list of USA Today!


Stephanie from @ketointexas


Stephanie never expected she would be where she is now at 84 pounds down! She hesitated before starting the Keto diet feeling afraid that she would fail. However, she took the bold step to change her eating habits and reaped the fruitful result. She is living a healthy and happy life today, glad that she made the decision to follow the Keto diet. She constantly encourages other Keto dieters to push on. She once used the quote “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”, urging them to never give up on their goals. She also often shares different information regarding the Keto diet on her account.


Thomas Grobicki

Thomas Grobicki

Thomas was a 59-year-old man (left) with high blood pressure and high cholesterol when he received news that his 28-year-old daughter Alina had a massive brain tumour with an average survival time of 12 months. He decided to take up a Keto diet with Alina because the diet had given hope for some cancers. This is because cancer feeds off glucose but does not use ketones. After 2 years of holding on, Alina pushed through her initial diagnosis and survived cancer!

Though there is no solid proof, Thomas thinks that the diet could have helped. At the age of 61 (right), he had also lost 105 pounds himself. He gave a presentation sharing about his journey.



Robbie - Before Robbie - After

Robbie was a runner before taking on the Keto diet. However, after an injury, he had to stop running which was followed by an increase in weight. Although he tried various diet plans and even went to the gym, he was unable to lose off the extra weight. Finally, a friend explained the effects of a low-carb diet to him.

Trying it out was a decision that he never regretted. He managed to lose his targeted weight of 35 pounds and feels great about it. He also experiences elevated energy levels daily. The best thing that he is grateful for is that his blood pressure has dropped from high to normal.




Brie has lost 80 pounds over the last two years! She started off with the goal of losing 50 pounds and never imagined that she would surpass it. She used to be ashamed of her body but now she feels more strong and confident than ever.

She mentions in a post on Instagram that she loves the confidence, empowerment and support that she gets from the Keto community. She also enjoys sharing unique Keto-friendly recipes and giving encouragement to other Keto dieters on her Instagram account.




Ileka was an individual battling with self-confidence because she was over 300 pounds of weight. She fell in love, got married and had kids but felt tired all the time and lacked energy to play with her children. When she had her first daughter, she saw how much resemblance her daughter had to her.

Not wanting her daughter to experience the same thing that she went through, Ileka took on the Keto diet coupled with workouts to get healthy and fit and to be a good role model as a mother. Having persevered through, Ileka is managed to cut down an impressive amount of 120 pounds! Her story is also shared on youtube.


Famous People Following Keto Diet

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney, famous reality star picked up the Keto diet after being told by her doctor about the high levels of mercury in her system. She admitted that she felt some headaches when she first started but pushed through the phase.

She later testified that following the Keto diet was a really positive experience for her. She even posted on her blog about it. Kourtney also has an interesting choice for breakfast – avocado pudding which she shared on her app. Furthermore, instead of rice, she often creates either broccoli or cauliflower rice.


Tim Tebow

The former National Football League quarterback told GQ magazine “I’m on something called a ketogenic diet, which is high fat, moderate protein, low carb, low sugar.” He also mentioned that his favourite source of fat is avocado. He absolutely loves it and eats about four a day! He even adds them to his smoothies.


Alicia Vikander

Alicia who was recruited for the role of Lara Croft in the latest version of the movie Tomb Raider began the Keto diet two months before shooting. Her trainer Magnus Lydgback introduced her to the diet to maintain muscle mass and lose fat to prepare her for the role.

Despite struggling at the start, she stayed strong and persevered through. While shooting, Alicia’s protein source was fish and her fat source was coconut oil, MCT oil and avocado. She turned to plenty of low-carb vegetables as well.


Megan Fox

The reason for turning to Keto diet was for Megan to get her pre-baby body back, and it certainly worked! Some of the Keto food she seems to enjoy are egg whites, salmon, Japanese food and smoothies. Along with her diet, she also does intense circuit training twice a week to keep fit.


Jenna Jameson

American actress Jenna has been sharing side-by-side photos of herself on Instragram to show the comparison of before and after weight loss. Thanks to adopting the Keto diet, she has lost more than 80 lbs! In one post, she wrote “I’ve never felt more bright and present. Who could ask for more!” She continues to advocate for the Keto diet and she defended it recently on her Instragram account as well.

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Losing weight has always been a hard thing for me. I would stick to a strict diet, eating as little as I possibly could to only lose a few pounds. Sadly, after a sweet buffet dinner, I would gain all the “lost” weight back. Keto Diet allows me to consistently lose and maintain my weight while enjoying the most fattening food I can possibly imagine. Let me show you how.