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Keto Krate Review 2019 – Is It Worth It?

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Keto Krate is a keto subscription box with the goal of helping you keep your keto diet right on track. Their team of experts gathers all of the most keto friendly (low carb, high fat) snack from all over the world and deliver them right to your doorstep every month in  their Keto Krate box.

They have been providing this delivery service since July 2015. You will receive a box with various keto friendly brands some well known and some new in the market. The snacks can range from sweet to savory and always have less than 5 grams of carbs. On top of that, their products are maltitol-free so they will not ruin your keto plan as maltitol raises blood sugar and increases insulin response which disrupts your ketosis.

Key takeaways:

  • Low carb meal supply
  • Suitable for Keto dieters
  • Healthy meal delivery service, suitable for busy people


What is Keto Krate?

So how does it work?  Once you have signed up to their subscription box, you are entitled to receive  a box of keto friendly goodness each month. Now you will not have to worry about giving in to all your cravings and breaking your diet. 

Inside the box, Keto Krate will surpise you with the snacks in the box each month and even stick in some recipes and discount codes that may be of good use to you. The high quality snacks plus the additional recipes and discount codes makes it a really good bang for your money. So once, you have become a Keto Krate subscriber, all you have to do is wait for your box to arrive.

Most of the customers have been happy with the snacks that they have been receiving over the months. Of course, there may be products they favor more than others, but overall people have been satisfied. Furthermore, they get to try and know new snacks every single month, so that keeps things interesting.


My experience with Keto Krate

Snacking is something that we all love, but finding the right snacks is always an issue. Especially for keto dieters, finding keto friendly snacks are probably among the most difficult thing ever, No one would actually have all the time in the world looking through labels after labels at the snack aisle and at the end have nothing they can take home.

Not for Keto Krate, you would probably have to quit snacking for good. Keto Krate is your solution us, keto dieters to snack without guilt and on top of that, it arrives right at your door every month. Why guilty free, because Keto Krate promises snack that are below 5 grams per day and we all know we can only get 5-10% calories from carbs.

Their products are also gluten-free, aspartame-free and minimal soy and sucralose. The snacks are also maltitol free, so no extra gas or bloatedness will trouble you from taking the products.

As an addition, the box also comes together with some keto friendly recipes for you to prepare your own snacks if the snacks are still not enough, or for preparing your keto friendly meals too. Similarly to the snacks in the box, the recipes are also of a surprise to you each month. Not only that, you will also receive discount codes to entitle you for more keto friendly goodness.

So now I’ll share my experience with you using this service for quite some months. I’ll walk you through the good and the bad, the worth and who is Keto Krate best for.

In the box experience

So obviously the value of the entire thing is dependent on what you receive in the box. If it turns out to be low quality products, you might as well look for better products yourself.


Info/recipe card

So the Keto Krate comes along with a large, well-designed information card that describes all the products they have handed you for the month. Also each month, the card contains a variation of keto-friendly recipes that you can prepare from home and improve on your diet further. So this is really an added value.

I would admit that I’m not the best of cook, but the recipes are pretty clear and not too difficult to follow. I’ll come clean and also admit that I was too lazy to make every single recipe they had given but I’ll share about the ones I did so. Surprisingly, I was happy with how it all came out. You can browse through some of the recipes on Keto Krate’s blog so I wouldn’t go in too detail on it.



Now for what we have been waiting to talk about, the snacks! I’ve mentioned numerous times about the facts of the snacks. So I thought I’ll give you some examples to know what treat you will be in for.


Delightfully Yours: Original Parmesan Crisps

The Parmesan Crisps was among the first thing I tried from the box and honestly it just blew me away. It was a really good first impression for keto snacks especially not knowing many keto-friendly snacks. Overall, I am a cheese lover, so my judgement may be a bit bias, but my friends and family loved it too. This is the perfect snack to go along with a nice movie. So the Crisps are made with parmesan with garlic, onion, sesame and poppy seeds, it’s definitely two thumbs up.


ChocZero Honest Syrup: Chocolate Flavor

So the ChocZero Honest Syrup is a no sugar, no preservatives syrup. They come with 1 gram net carbs, hence it is super keto friendly. Now let’s talk about the taste. Well, it definitely goes well with a pancake or waffle but it may not the tastiest. You shouldn’t be expecting it to taste like Dip ‘n Dip, but it’s good enough for me. Maybe it is like a lower level of Hershey’s. Another way, you could have it is by adding it into your coffee, and I have to admit it was really good. I honestly didn’t know that people do that, but it was mind blowing. It goes so well with the coffee as it is not too sweet, so it doesn’t ruin the coffee taste.


Grandpa’s Beef Jerky

If you haven’t tried the Grandpa’s Beef Jerky, all I can say it, get it! So when you just first chew into it, you start by tasting this perfect blend of garlic and cayenne and honestly I just love the taste of cayenne on anything. As you continue to chew, you will then taste some sweetness coming in and perhaps more onion and garlic. I honestly love Grandpa’s Beef Jerky and would consider stocking up on more of it.


Krunchy Melts Meringues

The Krunchy Melts Meringues are actually meringue cookies. It wasn’t my favorite of the snacks I’ve gotten. I wouldn’t buy them off the rack to be upfront. I find it a bit too sweet for my liking, some people say it is okay but I can’t eat more than a few pieces without feeling sick of it. Plus this is coming from a guy who is naturally gobbler when it comes to cookies.

But maybe it’s just me, so you should not take my entire word for it. Although the cookies are relatively low in calories, they do dontain isomalt so you have to be cautious about overeating.


Alterna Sweets Ketchup

I also received a bottle of Altema Sweets Ketchup. From the info, I found out that it was 2 grams of carbs per serving. So out of curiosity, I went to look up how much carbs I’ve been taking in per serving from regular syrup and I was so shock to find out that it was 5 gram. That’s a big “no no” for us keto dieters. Worse than that, 4 grams of  carbs came from sugar.

I really like the Ketchup, it has good texture and thickness. Didn’t feel watered down or too syrupy. As for the flavor, you can taste the tomatoes and spices really naturally. I honestly was really happy with it and will continue to stick to this one considering the reduction of carbs of more than half.


Legendary Foods Pecan Pie Almond Nut Butter

So I forgot to mention that every month Keto Krate features a particular product. So, this is one of my favorites.

Every month, the Keto Krate features a particular product and ​this month it was their Pecan Pie Almond Nut Butter from Legendary Foods. I’m a big fan of pecans generally and there was a recipe in the krate for pecan pie waffle this month which was really good and delicious. However, the the Pecan Pie Almond Nut Better was not as good as I had hoped it would. The nut butter had an aftertaste to it that just doesn’t sit well on my tongue. For me, it didn’t taste as well as I’d hope but you can try it out for yourself.


Raw Food Central Cashew Crunch Flax Crackers

I was happy to receive this as I have recently been loving flax crackers. It had a slight sweet flavor of the cashew with fair share of taste of the earthy flavor coming from the flax. The crackers are crunchy and has some slippery feel from the flax. Overall, it was good.



  • The snacks have 5 grams or less carbs.
  • They are gluten free, malitotal free, and aspartame free.
  • You will receive variety of snacks from all around the world
  • You will receive $20+ in coupon savings every month.
  • 100% money back guarantee if unsatisfied.



  • You will not get to choose what you want to get in the box.
  • You are not able to prepay in advance.
  • The snacks are not vegan, dairy free, peanut free, nut free, or kosher.


Who would the Keto Krate be suitable for?

Keto dieting and snacking aren’t something that goes too well together. But most of us are snack lovers, aren’t we? That’s why the Keto Krate is a great solution to most of us. I don’t know about you, but I’m not the kind of person who would do research one snack after another snack just to find more snacks that isn’t good for my diet. So the Keto Krate will take that burden away for you. Once you get to know some of your favorite snacks, then you could go out and get them on your own.

But all in all, I feel that the Keto Krate do give you a big bang for your money. You could even compare the prices of what you got in the box with its actual cost. Furthermore, these snacks are sent straight to your home and they give you a good mix of snacks every single month.

Even furthermore, Keto Krate also provides you with recipes to whip up your own meal  and not to mention discount codes to purchase the snacks that you may like that are keto friendly and support your keto diet.


So to make it simple, here are some of the people who will benefit from the Keto Krate.

  1. People who don’t have the time to research and experiment keto friendly snacks and recipes.
  2. People who enjoy trying new snacks every month
  3. People who are beginners to keto diet and don’t know much about what and what not to eat
  4. People who are too busy or lazy to go out to shop for snacks.
  5. People who want new keto friendly recipes to try cooking every month.



The Keto Krate box cost $34.95 excluding shipping of $5 anywhere in the U.S. Take note that by purchasing your first Keto Krate box, you are signing up for a subscription and it will auto renew every single month.

If you wish to cancel the subscription, all you have to do is head over to their website and send a cancellation request. Be sure to do it before the 2nd of the month as your box may already be good to go if done later.




Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Where Can I subscribe to Keto Krate?

Select on the link above or below, it will link you to Keto krate’s service directly. 

Are the products provided by Keto Krate Gluten free?

Yes. All products are Gluten Free. However, they are not dairy or vegan free. 

Is there a shipping cost? How much is it?

If you are in the US, there are no cost for shipping at all.

There is a shipping fee to Canada at $10.99 for the Muncher Krate and $8.99 for the Nibbler Krate.

Can I cancel anytime?

When you sign up for Keto krate, it is on a subscription basis and it auto renews every month.

Yes you can cancel the subscription within the time period which is before the 2nd of every month. 

Final Verdict

So far, I’ve been really happy with Keto Krate, their service and the products I’ve gotten. There are some snacks that I head and shoulders love more than the rest and some I don’t fancy too much too. But I am honestly satisfied and even though some of the snacks aren’t my favorite, I don’t mind having them in the box because if I were to shop for snacks on my own, I would most probably buy similar kinds of snacks all the time and have no variety in it.

I like the fact that since I’m eating snacks based on what’s delivered, I force myself to try new snacks and get myself to appreciate new flavors. Just to make things clear, there aren’t any snack that I hated so much that it went to waste, but maybe it is because I am not the most picky person when it comes to snacks too.

Practically every month, I get to discover new snacks and that’s something really fun. Also, I love that feeling of excitement and anticipation of opening the box. It sorts of gives you the feeling of unwrapping a gift. Besides that, getting recipes really push me to cook and try new things. I would say my Keto Krate subscription experience have been not just beneficial, but also pretty fun in some ways.


This is for you if:

  • Want an easy meal plan
  • Lead a busy lifestyle
  • Want to try new recipes

Potential downside include:

  • The subscription auto renews
  • If you want to cancel, there is a time limit


About The Author

Losing weight has always been a hard thing for me. I would stick to a strict diet, eating as little as I possibly could to only lose a few pounds. Sadly, after a sweet buffet dinner, I would gain all the “lost” weight back. Keto Diet allows me to consistently lose and maintain my weight while enjoying the most fattening food I can possibly imagine. Let me show you how.