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Keto Trim Reviews 2019 – Ingredients, Benefits and Side Effects

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Keto Trim is a ketogenic supplement that focuses on weight loss and of course supporting ketosis and it promotes weight loss through the ingredients in it as it allows you to enter the state of ketosis with much more ease. 

It contains good ingredients that help in ketosis like BHBs. It can also make your body feel more energetic, stronger and you’ll be able to last longer throughout the day. 

With the other ingredients in Keto Trim, it provides your body with good nutrients to nourish the body and give your body a boost. 

Key takeaways:

  • Contains BHBs
  • Helps with ketosis 
  • Improve Energy Levels


What is Keto Trim?

Keto Trim is a ketogenic supplement that focuses on weight loss and of course supporting ketosis. This pill promotes weight loss through the ketogenic way, hence it is still important to be discipline in following the keto diet.

By taking the pill, it will help you enter into ketosis with much more ease allowing your body to directly burn fat for fuel. This will give you more energy, a better mind and for this supplement especially loss in weight and a better overall figure.

Some of Keto Trim claims are that taking this supplement will help reduce fat and increase lean muscle in the body. Hence, with the aid of this supplement, people will look more in shape and fitter.



Probably the most important thing to take note of when taking a ketogenic supplement or any supplement at all is the ingredients. The main ingredients in this pill is the BHB, Garcinia Cambogia, Lemon Essence and Coconut Oil. BHB is a famous ingredient in most keto supplements as it is in fact the first ketone body released during ketosis. Garcinia Cambogia have been said to help with weight loss and act as an appetite suppressant although it is not completely proven.

Beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB)

BHB is a stable ketone that can dissolve in the blood and pass through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). While sugar is important for the functionality of the brain, BHB is better at doing the job. Hence, it improves the cognitive functions, making consumers more sharp and less tired.

Besides, BHB is also a great source of energy as it is actually the first ketone body released in our bodies and comes from the liver. It helps your body stay strong and active for the whole of the day.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical tree well known in India and South East Asia. It contains a chemical called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Its extract is found in the Keto Trim and is said to be used to prevent fat storage, control appetite as well as improving overall endurance and stamina. Based on studies, some have said that this ingredient is useful as an appetite suppressant while others said that it was of no used to them.

Lemon Essence

Lemon Essence contains Vitamin C, Potassium and Flavonoids which are all of good use to the body and important for good health. The lemon essence plays the role as an antioxidant in the pill. It has also been said that it is a good ingredient for maintaining a healthy heart.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very weight-friendly fat. It contains a mix of fatty acids that have a good effect on your bodies metabolism. Based on some studies, coconut oil can help you lose fat and  furthermore the dangerous fats like abdominal cavity that can be of great harm to the body.


Catalyze Ketosis

In normal circumstances, getting into the state of ketosis might take days up to a week and that is still not even guaranteed as getting into ketosis is not easy as requires a very strict eit.

A small slip up in the diet whether knowingly or unknowingly can mess up all the effort. Hence, BHB is an important ingredient and definitely helps with this. The BHB speeds up the process of entering into ketosis and on top of that helps you maintain the state for a longer period. Therefore, the pill can help enter ketosis to obtain its benefits and give you a longer time span to enjoy the benefits of it.

Helps With Weight Loss

Being in ketosis helps your body lose weight faster as it reduces the possibility of having excess sugar in the body to keep under the skin. It deprives your body from carbs and forces your body to depend on fats as its source of energy. The fats also will eventually be burned for producing energy.

Improves Your  Metabolism

The Keto Trim pill also accelerates the procedures of the fat metabolism in parts of the body, Fat metabolism releases a large amount of energy to the body. This further increases the metabolic rate in the body.

Increase Your Energy Level

Since, you are depriving yourself of carbs, fat will be an alternative for fuel to your body and will be burned. Fats are a better generator of  energy than carbs, thus it keeps you from being tired throughout the day. .

Supports Your Mental Clarity

The BHB being a ketone body released shows that it is an ingredient that helps the body functions more effectively. Most importantly, it helps you enter into ketosis effectively and once that is done, you can let your body and brain do its magic. Overall, the brain will be sharper in this state and you can perform your task more efficiently.

Controls Your  Blood Sugar Level

It keeps your body on a low-carb diet and allows minimal sugar to be released to the blood. This has been proven to be highly beneficial to Type II diabetes patients.

Improves Your Skin Complexion

It improves the circulation of the blood in the blood which then increases the glow in your skin. It will make you feel fresh and energetic. Most of all, it will prevent the occurence of acne and black spots on your body.


Best Way To Take Keto Trim Pills for Weight Loss

In order to get the most effective results, you should ingest it in the right way. It is not hard to follow the steps and below are some of our suggestions to make it most optimal for you.


You should take two pills in a day.

For the Keto Trim to do its magic, it is best that you take the pill twice a day. Try taking one in the morning roughly half an hour before taking your breakfast and another in the evening also half an hour before taking dinner. The results of the pill kicks in better if you take them a little before your meals. All you have to do is swallow them along with a glass of lukewarm water. This is the most basic and simple step.

Drink lots of fluid

Remember to rehydrate your body at all times especially when exposed to hot weather. Drinking lots of water will not only hydrate your body but also detoxify it from anything harmful for your body.

Avoid unhealthy additives

Keep your food and drinks away from any artificial sweetener, chemicals, anything high in calories, junk foods and don’t forget fast food either. All of these substances are obstructions to your keto diet and achieving ketosis. Hence, you have to stay away from it, else whatever keto supplement you take will not help you.

Exercise regularly

Try to maintain good shape and fitness. Doing light exercise on a regular basis is important to allow the pill to be effective.

Avoid unhealthy habits

You should definitely avoid activities like drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs as this habits will worsen your health and not to mention hinder the results.

Be consistent with taking the pill

Do make it and effort to consistently take the supplement. Do not take gaps and remember to take them twice per day. Just because you see some improvements and results from taking the pill does not mean that it is a signal for you to stop taking it. Results will decline if you take them inconsistently.


Who is Keto Trim for? And who should avoid this supplement?

Keto Trim supplement or pills is made for anyone with the intent of losing weight or maintaining a good body. Both males and females can take this product and for it to be effective, the same rules apply for both males and females as well.

However, just like almost all pills, there are some people who are going to need to refrain from taking Keto Trim supplements. They are the ones listed below.


  1. Ladies who are pregnant or nursing are discouraged
  2. Male or female below the age of 18 should not take this supplement
  3. People who have any allergies to certain ingredients please do refer to a professional
  4. People who are dependent on drug are not to take it too.


Side Effects of Keto Trim

This product is completely organic and its main purpose is to help people with losing weight as well as to support their keto diets. The product is approved by GMP as it praises this supplement.

The main ingredient to the supplement is BHB which is a very important ingredient among many keto supplements. Hence, the likeliness of side effects are very slim. However, it is not unusual to experience a small degree of side effects when taking it.

Some of the examples are headaches, stomach discomfort and nausea. The occurrence of these symptoms are not guaranteed but you cannot rule it out as it is very much depending on the body of the consumer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Is Keto Trim Good?

I would say Keto Trim is an okay product, not the best. You can definitely get other products like Perfect keto or Pruvit that is much better in quality and results as well. Keto Trim has had its skeptics often surrounding it. 

Perfect Keto would definitely be the better choice as it is affordable and of high quality, able to bring you all the things you would need during a keto diet. 

Where Can I Buy The Supplement

The supplements mentioned can be purchased through the links provided as it will lead you directly to the product talked about. 

Is There Any Side Effects of Keto Trim?


There might be some minor side effects like headaches and drownsiness but other than that there are no reported side effects and I personally did not experience anything more. 

Can Anyone Take Keto Trim?

I wouldn’t say anyone can take Keto Trim as if you have special needs and condition you should definitely consult a doctor first.

However it is not recommended for Pregnant women to take it, if you are below 18 as well. It is also mentioned that if you are one to be addicted to drugs to not consume this product. This is quite worrying as it shows that the product is not completely safe and not 100% natural for the consumers. 

Final Verdict : Perfect Keto

Although Keto Trim provides some benefits to you, I would say going for Perfect Keto would be a better option. It has good ingredients inside that is able to support you in your keto diet better than Keto Trim.

Perfect Keto has had great results with their supplements and also good marketing and also investment into their products and it shows through the quality of the supplements it produces.

Keto Trim also does not have sufficient information about its products and even the website is not close to what Perfect Keto offers.

All in all, I would suggest Perfect Keto over Keto Trim.

This is for you if:

  • Want a good quality product
  • Affordable product
  • Help with Ketosis

Potential downside include:

  • There might be some minor effects when consuming in the beginning but just reduce the amount you are consuming.


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