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Keto Logic Reviews 2019 – Here’s What You Need To Know

Editor’s Rating: 9.5/10

Keto Logic is one of the most unique companies out there in the keto world. Not only is it popular in the market, but the company itself creates their company to be a very communicative and interactive with their customers. Why i say this is because, Keto Logic has a website that not only promotes their products but promotes the lifestyle of a keto dieter.

The website has information on keto diets, recipes, supplements and even a community. This makes the keto diet way more interesting and less intimidating to those who are interested in trying it out.

Their supplements are of great ingredients and they also have a wide range of products and flavour.

If you are a beginner in the keto world or are interested in trying the keto diet, Keto Logic’s supplements will definitely help you very much. Especially with the 30 day package and 30 day keto challenge that Keto Logic is promoting, it will definitely be helpful for you.


Key takeaways:

  • Great start for beginners in the keto diet world, Motivational.
  • Simple diet plan
  • Has many choices

Why Keto Logic?

Keto Logic is quite a different brand from its suppliers. Keto Logic not only sells its products to its customers but it creates a community between every one. Keto Logic offers supplements, meal replacements, diets, workout routines and even recipes which they share on their website.

One of the products that is known from Keto Logic is its Keto 30 Challenge. It is a 30 day keto challenge with 4 simple steps to help anyone begin their keto journey with all the tools they need.

The products they sell are also available separately if you do not want to purchase the Keto 30 Challenge packet.

Keto Logic does not just want to sell products to its customers but they are creating a community to share and introduce the keto diet to the world with reasonable results and goals. There are no extremely crazy weight loss stories but everything from their reviews are reasonable and achievable.

Keto Logic also comes with simple and easy steps from their exogenous BHB keto drink to their Keto 30 Challenge package. It offers guidelines to the customers which are easy to follow and complete on a daily.

With their meal replacement supplement, it cuts off some work as you can replace an entire meal with the meal replacement while still getting all the nutrients and nourishment that your body needs. This makes it extremely easy and attractable to those who are always on the go and in a rush. 

One thing that is great about Keto Logic and is worth a highlight is that they promote a lifestyle not just their products. With taking all the supplements in the world you still need to have a good diet to have a proper lifestyle as well.

In my opinion, Keto Logic is a reputable company and i do not see any scam going through it or and false reports of their products.

Keto Logic Products

The below products are the 3 main products of Keto Logic

Ketologic BHB Exogenous



Ketologic BHB is an exogenous based keto supplements that helps your body achieve and stay in the state of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body is burning up stored fats in your body instead of glucose.

Why BHBs? Beta-hydroxybutyrate or better known as BHBs is one of the purest forms of ketones. BHB supplements are able to make your body go into ketosis state instantly which is helpful for those who are looking for a quick route or a fix if they have fallen off their keto diet. It is also a great source of energy to sustain your body throughout the day.

When adding BHBs into your keto diet it can help boost your energy levels, brain function as well as help you in your exercises as well.

Keto Logic’s BHB comes in 6 versions and 5 flavours, orange mango, cucumber lime, patriot pop, grape, apple pear and also a version that is unflavoured. The best part is the supplement has zero sugar and does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavouring in the product.

Overall, it is able to boost your brain performance, energy levels, suppress your appetite throughout the day and also contains great electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium that your body might lack of during any keto diet.


Keto Meal (meal replacement supplement)



The Keto Logic keto meal is one of their meal replacement supplement. This means that instead of a meal, you can have the keto meal. It is a balanced high fat and low carb mixture that is able to replace a full meal which is instant and is a great choice for those on the go or in a rush and may not have time to have a proper meal.

It comes in 3 flavours for you to choose from, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It has a fat to protein-carb ratio of 70:30 which is good for a high fat diet.

You can even add unsweetened almond or coconut milk, coffee, water with a little bit of heavy cream and even yoghurt. Changing it up can reduce the chances of you getting sick of a similar taste everyday.

The Keto meal is extremely easy as all you would need to do is mix a scoop of the keto meal with water and it is done. Not only will the keto meal benefit convenience, it has other great properties and nutrients in it that can help sustain and nourish the body while on the keto diet.

Keto Meal is able to keep your body in ketosis state and give your body great energy all day as it is packed with electrolytes in it to help your body. The Keto Meal also has lots of MCTs in it to provide your body with the right amount and also has vitamins and minerals that will help your body especially during a keto diet.

How Keto Logic’s Keto meal differs is that it has a good balance between fat to protein and carbs unlike some meal replacements that come with too much protein which might bring digestion issues to your body.


Keto 30 Challenge package

Another one of Keto Logic’s crazed product package is the Keto 30 package. It is a package that provides you all the necessary information and tools you would need to complete the KETO 30 Challenge as well as bring interest towards the keto diet and to motivate people to try the keto challenge in an easy manner. 

The Keto 30 package includes a regiment that is in 4 easy steps to help you achieve your goals to lose weight. Every day, you would need to follow a simple meal plan first being, replacing one meal with the Keto Logic Keto Meal. Then, eat 2 low carb meals each day and drink 2 BHBs per day as well as exercise. With the Keto 30 package, it is a month long programme to help you start your diet with the help of Keto Logic’s products.

The package allows you to choose different flavours of their BHB exogenous supplement, their meal replacement flavour and also a choice of 30 days or 60 days if you want to extend your challenge time.

The package not only comes with the supplements but it also offers recipes, advices, workout gears as well as coffee creamer to help you out with your diet and to make things as simple as possible for you by providing you with necessary tools.

If you are one to get lost or do not know where to start, i would say the Keto 30 challenge is a great option for you to kick start your keto journey.

About the 30 day Keto Challenge

Should you try out the 30 day Keto Challenge?



With the Keto challenge, in the end your body will be healthier and you will feel better. The Keto diet is one of the diets people go to to lose weight and also be healthier.

So what is the 30 day Keto Challenge? The 30 day Keto Challenge is made by the Keto Logic Company to jump start your keto journey. This challenge is to help you go through the diet for 30 days with a guide set up.

The Keto Logic company has a KETO 30 bundle that is made easy for you to follow. It comes with 4 simple steps. Firstly, replace one of your meals with a keto logic ketomeal. Next, eat 2 low carb meals. Then drink 1 to 2 servings of the Keto Logic BHB drink and lastly is to exercise.


Benefits of 30 day Keto Challenge

Simplify your diet and life

With the Keto 30 challenge it allows to keep your day meal plan healthy, clean and simple as it has the 4 simple steps to follow as mentioned above. This requires minimal effort and planning as you would only need to prepare the 2 low carb meals which can be prepared in advance as well.

Not only that, Keto Logic also offers free workout plans to teach or show you what you can do and to reach maximum potential of the workout as well. They also have recipes and shopping lists created in order to ease your process even more.


Lose weight

With the Keto 30 challenge, you would need to follow the keto diet and take keto supplements which will help your process better.

When on your keto diet, your body will be in ketosis state hence making your body burn fat all the time. When your body is able to achieve ketosis, instead of burning glucose it is burning fat and allows your body to lose the weight. However do remember that you are restricting some food from your body hence why it is important to take supplements along the keto diet.

Feel more energized

When the diet is done right you will be able to feel more energized. The low carb high fat diet is able to give you great amount of energy as the fat consumed during the diet keeps you full. This is how your appetite is controlled during the keto diet as well as reduce your cravings. Through the keto diet your body will be able to have energy throughout the day.

Improve mental focus and clarity

With the keto diet, your mental clarity will be improved much and your brain will also be sharper and clearer. Most times when in a poor diet it often costs your brain to not function well. But with the keto diet, studies have shown that when your body receives energy from break the ketones in your body, it has shown to improve focus and clarity mentally.

Since keto diet is a high fat low carb diet, when consuming healthy fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids, it has shown to improve learning and memory performance as well. Hence why it is important on including only healthy fats in your diet not fats that come from junk food which will only tire your body.

About Keto Logic BHB

So more about the Exogenous product of Keto Logic which is their BHB Keto supplement. 


Ingredients in the Keto Logic BHB

Betahydroxybutyrate (BHB)

BHB has great benefits to it. It is known to be one of the catalyst to achieving ketosis and aids in losing weight in the body. When consuming BHB salts, your body will release ketones into the bloodstream which will cause an improvement to insulin sensitivity, and you will also crave for less food. 

BHB will be a great source to detox your body as well from free radicals. With the help in ketosis from BHB, your body will be able to burn fat instead of carbs when in ketosis.


Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium & Potassium

When on a keto diet, you are cutting out a lot of food from your diets hence your body might not receive the right amount of nutrients. Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium are all important supplements that should be included in your keto diet as you might lack it when you cut down on some of your food intake.

All these electrolytes play important roles to help the body function well and stay healthy. With it being included in the Keto Logic’s BHB supplement it will definitely help you when on your keto diet giving your body more nourishment and allowing you to feel better as well.


Foods that are suitable to consume when consuming Keto Logics BHB supplement

When in a keto diet, you are trying to go into the state of ketosis where your body does not burn glucose for energy but instead burn carbs or fats into energy. This is how you lose weight during your keto diet. Glucose is one of the main sources of energy that the body gets from and it is what powers the body and especially the brain to allow it to function well.

With the ketogenic diet, you are on a high fat medium protein and low carb diet meaning restricting glucose to your body as well. Some of the recommended foods during your diet and consumption of the Keto BHB would be having chicken beef, lamb, fish that are high in healthy fat such as salmon or tuna.

In your vegetable intake, eat vegetables that are low in carbs such as spinach, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts and for your fruits, eat fruits that are low in sugar such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and even avocado.


Foods to Avoid when taking Keto Logic BHB

With a keto diet, it is a high fat moderate protein and low carb diet hence it would be ideal to stay away from foods that are high in carbs which can stop or hinder your body from being in ketosis. 

One of the few things you should avoid would be a few type of beans. Beans such as black beans or kidney beans should be avoided as it disrupts your body from getting into ketosis. For best results when consuming the Keto Logic BHB supplement it is best to avoid any processed foods and high sugar foods like ice cream, cakes and candy.

Alcohol is another major thing during your keto diet as it is high in carbohydrates which changes to glucose in your body which is not good for a keto diet. Once you start consuming your supplements and food correctly, adapting to the diet will get easier and your cravings will also reduce much.

With the help of exogenous BHB ketones, it can allow your body to get and maintain in ketosis which will help you out a lot and also help you out if you slip out of your diet.


Side Effects to Keto Logic BHB

As mentioned earlier, whenever taking a new supplement it is always important to talk to your doctor or nutritionist first prior to taking it as it is best to know if the supplement is suitable to your body or your diet.

When starting your keto diet, there are going to be some changes that you will be able to feel and see especially in your everyday life style. Keto Logic’s BHB does not have any or show any specific side effects when consuming. However, your body might face some effects when in the keto diet itself especially when not done right.

Do take note that when doing something new or trying something new to your body, your body needs time to adjust to the change in diet and lifestyle and there might be some side effects from that as well. With every body, there is a different reaction, hence why it has been highlighted on the importance of seeking advice from your doctor or nutritionist prior to taking on a new diet.

Some of the most common side effects that people face during a keto diet with exogenous supplements is that some faces drowsiness, dizziness, low blood sugar, cravings heightened especially for sugars since you are limiting sugar in your diet.

You may even face sleep troubles or diarrhea. The symptoms vary from person to person and some dont even face symptoms at all.

Usually, you would only experience a few of the symptoms mentioned not all at once. And with the symptoms during your keto diet there are ways to overcome them with the right amount of supplements taken during your diet which i have mentioned in one of the articles about the supplements that are suitable during your keto diet experience.

Also with the keto diet, in the beginning try changing the amount of carbs you take according to how you feel. For example, if you feel your side effects increasing and not decreasing you can increase your carbs to more than 50 grams each day.

This will help your body with relieve however it might slow the ketosis process down. But there is no need to worry as feeling the best in your body is the most important.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

When is the best time during the day for me to take the Keto Logic BHB supplement?

Taking Keto Logic’s BHB Keto is important to take to ensure that your body is continuing ketosis and maintaining in ketosis. One of the best times to consume the Keto Logic BHB supplement would be in the morning and the night before bed.


Why Exogenous ketone supplements are important is that it ensures your body gets the right amount of BHB salts it needs before active movements or exercising and having the Keto BHB supplement before consuming food can also help with the energy levels in your body.

Should you exercise with the keto diet while taking the Keto Logic supplement?

The answer would be YES. Exercise is important when it comes to any diet. If you are unsure of what type of exercises you need to do along with your keto diet, Keto Logic offers great recommendations and guides on their website as well as when you purchase the Keto 30 challenge. There are many things to help you out on your journey.


The physical benefits ketosis have is that when you are exercising it will improve your mental state and clarity allowing you to have better energy while doing exercises. People have said that they feel the effects of the exogenous keto supplement within days of consumption and it is very noticeable as well.


Where Can I Buy Keto Logic Products?

You can purchase the exact products that I’ve talked about in each of the links above. The products can be purchased directly from the website as well as on amazon. 

Is Keto Logic Safe?

Before trying any new supplement that is different from your normal diet it is always important to consult your doctor or physician prior to consuming it and this applies to the Keto Logic BHB Keto as well. Different bodies have different reactions to many things hence it may affect your body differently than it will affect mine.


Generally, Keto Logic’s BHB supplement does contain natural ingredients in it and does not have harmful chemicals in it. But it is important to seek advice from your doctor to see if the diet is suitable for your body type and if it is the right one for you.

How long will it take for the KetoLogic BHB to work for me (How long will it take my body to reach ketosis)?

On a normal range to achieve ketosis naturally, your body would take a couple of weeks to reach ketosis. However with the consumption of Keto Logics BHB supplement, ketosis can be achieved within a day. Depending on how your body reacts to it, you can achieve ketosis within a couple hours but most people would be in ketosis state after a day of consuming BHB ketones.


Once ketosis starts your body will deplete glucose from the body and search for alternative fuel sources which would make your body turn to carbohydrates instead of glucose. This will give you benefits such as improvement in your brain, improved energy levels and also start losing the weight you want to which will depend on your body and the type of workout you practice.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Keto Logic is a great company and also a reliable one. It is a great starting point for beginners and also perfect for regular keto dieters who lead a busy lifestyle like myself. With simple meal plans and easy to use supplements it will be easy for anyone to follow.

This is for you if:

  • looking for a easy planned out supplement intake
  • want a boost in energy
  • looking to kick start your keto journey
  • looking for a good community to join. Keto logic’s website has great information on keto diets.

Potential downside include:

  • Minor side effects of low blood sugar, diarrhea, dizziness.


About The Author

Losing weight has always been a hard thing for me. I would stick to a strict diet, eating as little as I possibly could to only lose a few pounds. Sadly, after a sweet buffet dinner, I would gain all the “lost” weight back. Keto Diet allows me to consistently lose and maintain my weight while enjoying the most fattening food I can possibly imagine. Let me show you how.