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Perfect Keto Reviews 2019: Top Exogenous Ketone Base

Editor’s Rating: 10/10

perfect keto exogenous base

Perfect Keto is a great product for people looking for supplements to aid in losing weight and help boost energy and health during diets. It is one of the top brands in the market and it does not have any scam or shady things surrounding it and it is also one of the performing brands as the ingredients it uses are natural and of high quality. Many keto dieters swear by this supplement and on top of that Perfect keto is also an affordable supplement as compared to its competitors as it is of great quality and affordable at the same time. What more can you ask for?

Taking Perfect keto alongside the diet will definitely help your body get nutrients and nourishment for the body especially if you are not feeling good during your diet.

Perfect keto is a good choice to help your body stay in ketosis and also help your body get back to ketosis if you fall off your diet. This will improve the results of your diet and help your body feel healthier and better at the same time.

Key takeaways:

  • Organic
  • Helps with ketosis, people on keto diets
  • High quality with great benefits


Why Perfect Keto?

Now, we know that it is affordable and taste just fine, but does it fulfil its functions. So what makes this Perfect Keto so good? Well, one thing is that this supplement was developed by Dr. Anthony Gustin, the person who constructed  the formula to calculate maximum efficiency needed to enter the state of ketosis.

The Perfect Keto is also certified organic. Hence, there are no chemical flavourings present in the supplement. The good taste actually comes from the use of stevia to enhance the sweetness.

Besides that, the Perfect Keto is a good supplement to control your hunger level and boost your energy.  The effect is almost instantaneous. It works similarly to the endogenous ketones which raises ketone levels in order to enter the state of ketosis quickly. Endogenous ketones are the ketone bodies produced in the liver.

Keto diet beginners are recommended to use Perfect Keto because it helps allow the body to familiarize itself with the burning of fat rather than carbs in order to produce energy.

In this article we’ll discuss about the nutritions used in the Perfect Keto, when and how to use it, the benefits as well as some potential side effects.


How does Ketosis works?

First off, a quick recap about ketosis and how it works. If you are not to clear about ketosis, here is a brief explanation. Normally, most people are used to eating carbohydrates, thus relying on glucose as their source of energy.

By depriving yourself from carbohydrate intake, then your body has to depend on other source of energy.

When there is no longer anymore glucose in the body, your body will form a more efficient form of energy which are ketone bodies. Once this ketone bodies are form, you are in the state of ketosis.

This state of ketosis makes you feel great and more energetic than you normally are. Even in terms of your mental focus, you are sharper and see things clearer.


Perfect Keto Exogenous Products and Taste

Why Perfect Keto is a great choice is that the content in the supplement is very much suited for a keto diet. As mentioned above about the ingredients used in Perfect Keto all helps nourish your body when on ketosis and helps replenish and repair your body. A keto diet is a low carb, medium protein and high fat diet. This means trying to consume as little carbs as possible is the ultimate goal. In the Perfect Keto supplement, all the flavours contain less than 1 gram of carbs for each serving(daily), hence making it absolutely perfect for your keto diet. Some products out there contain high levels of carbs and consumers don’t even realise it.

Perfect keto is also great for your diet as it only contains 15 calories which is a very good amount as it allows you to consume other foods as well. There are other brands that contain more than 100 calories and in comparison to Perfect Keto, Perfect Keto is a great product for you.

Perfect Keto base comes in five flavors: Peaches & Cream, Chocolate & Sea Salt flavor, Coffee, Salted Caramel and Vanilla. But the top 2 flavours for me would be the Chocolate and the Peaches flavour as I’ve yet to try the other flavours.

When it comes to the taste of exogenous ketones, most products tend to have a specific taste. But with Perfect Keto, you won’t be facing this. Thanks to stevia and other ingredients, I would say that the taste is really good.  

Perfect keto is by far the best tasting ketone supplement available. It really comes down to how you are consuming the product. For example mixing it with almond milk, not water, will significantly improve the taste.

I would say the flavor you should choose depends more on how you are going to consume it.

For example, Chocolate Sea salt works well with coffee, almond milk, and dairy. Peaches and cream will work with almond milk too, but in my opinion, works the best with tea or smoothie.

If you are planning to rock the Perfect Keto only with water, I would suggest Peaches and CreamOverall, the Chocolate Sea Salt is richer in flavor. Peaches and Cream is more fruity.

If you are a chocolate lover, you can opt for the Chocolate and sea salt. It has a chocolate milkshake taste with the slightest taste of saltiness. The peaches and cream are great for making smoothies and goes well with a mix of berries. But do take note on which berries you use as some berries may affect your ketosis state. Opt for strawberries, raspberries, blackberries instead of blueberries. This is because blueberries contain higher levels of carbohydrates and when you consume it the carb levels can add up rapidly. Since a keto diet is a low carb diet, blueberries can affect your body in ketosis as well.

They also have a flavorless one. You don’t taste much but it enhances the taste of your drinks when added into it.

When consuming the same type of flavour everyday, you might get bored of it or get sick of the taste. So you can try getting both the flavours or if you’d like to try the other flavours you can opt for that as well. Getting two types of flavours will allow you to mix it up and not take the same flavour everyday.


Ingredients in Perfect Keto Base

When taking supplements, it is important to know what’s in it. The Perfect Keto contains natural ingredients like stevia and natural chocolate and peach flavour. It also contains beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB) which is an exogenous ketone and a metabolic chemical known as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). It has minerals like magnesium, calcium and citric acid.



The Perfect Keto uses stevia to add sweetness to the drink mix. While most leto supplements taste disgusting, the Perfect Keto does not and this is due to the use of stevia as opposed  to glucose that is more commonly used in other supplements. Stevia is a natural source of sugar. In fact it is actually a plant that taste like sugar when you chew it. Even diabetic patients are advised to replace sugar when stevia.


Beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB)

Perfect Keto helps users to achieve ketosis much more effortlessly and this is thanks to the BHB. It’s an alternative to glucose for the body. Through the keto diet, sugar intake will be low and sugar is important for the brain to function well. When blood sugar is low, the body burns down the fat storage and produces BHB, which in layman terms is the brain’s food.

BHB is technically the first ketone body released during ketosis which is why Perfect Keto is an excellent supplement for you. However, if you still have excess carbohydrates in your body, it will take some time for the BHB to be released leading to dizziness or keto-flu.

Each serving of Perfect Keto offers you 11.38 grams of BHBs which is a suitable amount for your body and a safe amount as well. It is not too much and it will be just right for your body. It is good that Perfect keto puts the amount of BHBs it offers in its label allowing consumers to know the amount. Most companies do not reveal the amount of BHBs they put into the product and some just call it their propreitary blend without revealing the BHB amount.

Hence, the Perfect Keto’s BHB is important to raise ketone level from 0.8 to 1.4 mmol. On top of that, it helps to prevent the symptoms mentioned (diziness or keto flu) and it is also a great source of lasting energy to the body.

One thing to take note of is that BHBs are bound to a salt mineral which may cause you to have some side effects such as constipation. This side effect is mostly common to those who do not drink enough water. So, remember to drink more water when taking the Perfect Keto and also follow the suggested serving on the container as well as too much BHB salts can harm your body.


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

The Perfect Keto contains MCT. What it does for the body is speed up your body’s metabolism. It burns carbs quickly in order for your body to proceed to burning the fat storage in your body to produce energy. Most keto-dieters often do not obtain adequate MCT to improve metabolism rate which is important to achieve a more effective ketosis. Hence, the MCT in the Perfect Keto is extremely helpful to improve the keto diet efficiency.


Magnesium and Calcium

Perfect Keto also offers Magnesium and Calcium. The Magnesium keeps your muscles and nerves active while the calcium is good for the bones.

Magnesium controls over 300 biochemical reactions in your body such as controlling your heart rate, blood sugar, nerves, muscle and also in building strong bones in your body. Most foods that are rich in magnesium are not keto friendly.

With Perfect Keto, your daily serving of the supplement has about 390mg of magnesium. The suggested amount of magnesium for a person daily is about 320- 410 depending on the person. Hence with Perfect Keto offering 390mg daily is sufficient enough for your body. 

Calcium is also one of the main nutrients your body needs. The daily suggested amount of calcium is 1000-1200 mg daily. Perfect Keto has 600mg of Calcium in each serving which is about 60% of the daily value that you need. When on the keto diet you will be consuming foods containing calcium as well. So with the combination of calcium given by Perfect Keto and your food intake, your body will have the right amountn of calcium it needs. 



Support Ketosis

The main purpose of taking Perfect Keto is to boost the process of releasing ketone bodies. To naturally enter the state of ketosis, it might take within two days up to a week.

This is because that is the amount of time your body may need in order for it to understand what you want. The Perfect Keto on the other hand, helps communicate with your body to release ketone bodies. A couple of servings of Perfect Keto can help you achieve optimal ketosis of 1.5mmol or more within hours.


Promotes fat loss

The ketogenic diet promotes ketosis. Ketosis is the state where your body uses fat instead of glucose to produce energy. By doing that, you must cut carbs and sugar to deplete the stored glucose, blood sugar and also decrease insulin levels. Now your body needs another source of energy which will be fat, hence burning the fat which results in weight loss.

Besides, the Perfect Keto contains ingredients to help boost your metabolic rate making it easier to burn calories. People who have suffered a plateau in losing weight have easily broken it with the aid of Perfect Keto.

An additional bonus is that the Perfect Keto unlike most keto supplements taste pretty decent. So while most keto dieters fall into cravings, those who take Perfect Keto have been satisfied with what they are getting.


Supports Mental Clarity

The Perfect Keto can actually be even taken as a nootropic which is a “brain supplement”. Perfect Keto increases your sharpness and mental clarity almost as soon as it is taken.

It helps you have a better attention span and extra focus when performing a task. It has much mental benefits, especially keeping your mind clear and allowing you to have calmness when doing your work.


Higher Energy Levels

The Perfect Keto helps you increase your energy levels and improve performance. This is extremely beneficial especially to kickstart your day.

Most people start their days with morning drags, however with this supplement you should feel energetic and less moody in the morning. You should feel less tired throughout the day and maintain the energy boost even for an evening workout.

Athletes do even take the Perfect Keto before their training sessions as it helps with their performance and provide them with the energy required to train well. This is not just a burst of energy, but a long lasting one in order to be consistent throughout hours of workout or training.


Reduce Keto Diet Symptoms

For beginners in keto dieting, your body may not adapt to the change it dietary plan yet, thus causing some initial discomfort or issues.

If you are not used to it yet, you may suffer symptoms such as the keto-flu or headaches. But with the support of the Perfect Keto, this symptoms are greatly reduced or even absent. This helps newbies pass the initial stages of keto dieting.


How to take Perfect Keto Supplements to achieve specific goals?

One thing to take note is that the best way to take the supplement is depending on what are you trying to achieve, whether it be to maintain the state of ketosis, to burn fat, gain energy or etc. Below are the few ways you can take Perfect Keto depending on what you want to achieve.


To enter ketosis quickly and staying on it

The most common reasons for taking the supplement is to enter or maintain ketosis or the release of ketone bodies. Like mentioned above, being in this state might be a challenge and require a lot of time, thus taking the Perfect Keto helps ease the process.

The best way to do it is by taking ½ a scoop whenever you want to get into ketosis quickly and/or right after a meal heavier on carbohydrates than usual.

To burn fat constantly

Taking the Perfect Keto can also help you burn fat constantly, even when you’re body is not doing anything active. Taking it will ensure you body burns fat for energy continuously. To maximize results, take one scoop of Perfect Keto in between meals.


To prevent “Keto Flu” symptoms

As mentioned earlier, beginners will need some time to adjust to the new dietary plan and may face some difficulties. Examples of the Keto Flu are bloatedness, headaches, irritability, low on energy, fatigue.

This can often discourage beginners to proceed with the plan, but with the aid of Perfect Keto, it can be avoided. This is because by taking the supplement, your body releases ketone bodies quicker and helps prevent or reduce symptoms greatly. To get best results, take ⅓ to ½ a scoop of Perfect Keto but spread them out each day.

To gain mental sharpness

Many people start practising the keto diet also heavily due to their dissatisfaction of their mental state. People who face mental lag often feel mentally unhealthy and want to improve their state of mind.

Taking the Perfect Keto can definitely help sharpen the mind and the best way to do it is by taking a full scoop when your stomach is still empty. Best is to take it first thing in the morning.


To gain energy for a workout

Many athletes rely on supplements to have efficient trainings and workouts. They often need the extra boost of energy in order to perform well during their sessions. The Perfect Keto can help provide a boost for quick and explosive motions.

Besides, studies have shown that oxygen is a major factor to perform well during endurance trainings. The Perfect Keto helps your body produce ketones to give your body an instant boost of energy so that it does not have to rely so heavily on oxygen.

The best way is by taking it around 45 minutes to an hour before the sessions. Take 1 full scoop and if your workout or trainings are more than 2 hours, take ½ a scoop every consecutive hour after the 2 hour mark. If you are taking this much of Perfect Keto, do drink more water and a lot of it infact as Perfect Keto contains BHBs and too much of it can cause you side effects like constipation. Drinking more water will definitely stop this problem.


Instant Results after consuming Perfect Keto 

These are some of the instant results that I’m highlighting which you might likely see when you consume Perfect Keto. Some of the benefits mentioned earlier may take some time before you will be able to see it but the ones mentioned below are instant results. 


Boost in energy

Perfect Keto helps you get into ketosis quickly, so you should discover a noticeable amount of boost in energy even throughout the day.


Less tired

When you take the Perfect Keto, you should expect to feel less tired throughout the entirety of the day even when you have just started taking the supplement.


Better workout sessions

The boost in energy will make you feel much stronger in your workouts and you should be able to train longer than normal without fatigue.

Note that for those who are taking itt for weight loss, it will not happen overnight though, and you will have to be consistent with the supplement and your diet. Then you will notice an improvement in appetite long with the other bonuses.


Side Effects 

The side effect of the supplement is strongly dependent on the taker’s body. Some people with food sensitivities may face some issues with gastric and urgency  as they may not react well to the natural flavors. If this is the case, the solution is simple as you would just need to reduce your dosage and slowly work it up to the recommended dosage.

Other form of side effects are such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, intestinal gas and others.

So it is advisable to check with a professional to be extra safe before taking the supplement, however these side effects are not very common and like mentioned depends on the type of body.

Other side effects might be just from your keto diet but with Perfect Keto, it can help much in reducing side effects from your keto diet. Calcium and Magnesium are great sources that your body needs and on a keto diet you might lack it. With Perfect Keto, it will nourish your body and give the body what it needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Where To Buy Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or Amazon. I highly recommend that you purchase from the manufacturer directly since the pricing will be much better than that offerred on Amazon simply because they don’t have to pay Amazon any commission. We also have a special discount code that our readers can take advantage of. Just click the purchase button.

When Should I take Perfect Keto?

  • In the morning
  • Before your workout
  • Anytime during the day

How Many Servings does one Container have?

15 full scoop servings, or 30 half scoop servings.

The suggested portion is to start with a half scoop and then slowly work up to a full scoop.

Is Perfect Keto safe for me?

Yes it is. Perfect Keto is a certified organic product, meaning that all the ingredients used are also natural and does not bring any harm to your body. 

Yes, you might face some side effects like diarrhea, nausea or some digestive discomfort like gas but the side effects do not happen often and only to some. 

Hence, to make sure the product is suitable for you, it is always advisable to seek for professional advice prior to consuming any types of supplement for your diet. 

Final Verdict

The Perfect Keto is a great product and one of the best performing ones in the industry and the market. Many users including myself have found great results with Perfect Keto. It is an organic product safe for everyone and is natural as well. 

I would say the Perfect keto is a great starting point to boost your Keto diet experience and help you achieve your goals.  It is an affordable product while of high quality at the same time. The Perfect Keto also has less than 1 gram of carbs for each serving making it very suitable for a keto dieter like myself. On top of that it is only of 15 calories when other brands come at over 100 calories. 

Overall, Perfect Keto is definite a great choice for you and there has been many great reviews and results from it. 


This is for you if:

  • You’re on a keto diet and feel tired
  • Trying to lose weight
  • Looking for an energy boost while losing weight
  • Looking for organic products

Potential downside include:

  • Might have side effects


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Losing weight has always been a hard thing for me. I would stick to a strict diet, eating as little as I possibly could to only lose a few pounds. Sadly, after a sweet buffet dinner, I would gain all the “lost” weight back. Keto Diet allows me to consistently lose and maintain my weight while enjoying the most fattening food I can possibly imagine. Let me show you how.


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