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Pruvit Keto//OS & Max Review 2019: Are they worth the price?

Editor’s Rating: 9/10

Pruvit Keto is one of the best performing keto supplements in the market amongst keto dieters. Their products are Pruvit Keto OS, Pruvit Keto OS Max, Pruvit Keto OS NAT, Pruvit Keto Kreme and the Pruvit Better Broth.

The main focus of their products which are the exogenous based products are the Pruvit Keto OS line and the Pruvit Keto Kreme. Both product lines contains great ingredients but are quite different from each other.

The Pruvit company offers great range in their products, catering to gluten free dieters, dairy free dieters and vegan dieters. This makes Pruvit a company that will suite almost anyone.  

Key takeaways:

  • They have products for all types of people
  • Have a wide range of flavours
  • Offer caffeine free options


Why Pruvit Keto

Pruvit Keto is one of the best performing keto supplements in the market amongst keto dieters. Their products are the Keto OS and the Keto Kreme both containing great ingredients but quite different from each other. Firstly, let’s have a little background on the Pruvit brand and products itself.

The Pruvit company is also an MLM business opportunity in the weight loss industry and offers consumers the ability to make money from selling the products themselves.

Through their website, Pruvit is seen to be a very interactive company with their customers as the website offers help and also creates a community of keto dieters with much information provided on the website about keto dieters which can be very helpful and encouraging to those who are having a hard time while on their diet 

Overall, the Pruvit company does seem like a solid one with not much shady things going on unlike some past companies in this industry.

Below, more information about the products will be discussed as well as their MLM programme and also any pros and cons towards the Pruvit supplements will be discussed as well


Products and Ingredients

The Pruvit brand delivers few forms of products known as the Pruvit Keto OS, Pruvit Keto OS Max, Pruvit Keto OS NAT, Pruvit Keto Kreme and the Pruvit Better Broth.


Keto OS

The Keto OS which stands for “Ketone Operating System”, is a drink mix that is derived from a proprietary ketone energy technology.

It comes in two types of packaging, a tub and packets as well as two types of flavours Chocolate (3.0) and Orange (2.1) both with the option of caffeine (Charged) or caffeine free. The Keto OS 3.0 which is the chocolate flavoured version is gluten free and dairy free making it perfect for all consumers.


Keto OS 3.0 contains Calcium that is 33% of the daily value needed, 26% of daily value needed of Magnesium, 67% of Sodium and 14% of the daily value needed of Potassium. All of which are all electrolytes and substance that your body needs and sometimes lack during your keto diet.

Although the above mentioned percentages does not cover the whole daily needed amount there is no need to worry as the food you consume also contains the electrolytes mentioned. On top of that if you take 2 servings of the Keto OS for optimal performance, the amount of nutrients you will be consuming is more than sufficient for your body.

The carbohydrate content is also low as it is only 3g which is not much hence there is no need to worry about adding the amount of carbs into your keto diet.

This supplement is also great to help boost your energy throughout the day while on your keto diet, assist in you abdominal fat loss, help your brain focus and also allows your body to feel fresh, recharged and speed up your muscle recovery post workout.


Whereas the Keto OS 2.1 which is the orange flavour contains 44% of the daily value needed of Calcium, 59% of Sodium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Iodine, Riboflavin, Phosphorus. All the other ingredients contain less than 10% each but there is no need to worry as most foods you would consume during your diet will be nutritious to your body.

It also has other ingredients to take note of such as MCT powder, Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHBs) and caffeine as well in the caffeinated version. Including MCT powder is also good as it can help more in weight loss. MCTs are good in stabilizing your blood sugar level and improving your ketone body production, improving ketosis in your body. It can also help your body from getting Keto Flu which is a side effect of the keto diet.

Having BHBs also is beneficial to your diet goal as the body will burn BHBs instead of glucose in your body and this will be the energy fuel to your brain and body. Taking BHBs can help reduce your appetite and feeling of hunger, causing you to eat less and crave less hence you will be able to lose weight.

The 2.1 version however is not dairy free but it is gluten free.




The Keto OS MAX is also one of their exogenous based keto blend supplement under the Keto OS product that contains their patent pending BHB salt. It is able to provide your body with the quickest absorption of BHB that other products do not have.

It comes in three flavours called Maui Punch, Key Limeade and Swiss Cacao. The Pruvit company also claims that it is the only BHB salt that directly imitates the natural ketones your body would produce making it one of the most bioidentical formula present.

The Keto OS MAX also contains other great vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and B12, Calcium, Sodium and their N8 Bioavailability Blend. The N8 Bioavailability blend features AC 11 which is created to support the cell function of the body, repairs DNA in the body rapidly, boost your immune system  as well as help elevate any essential amino acids that your body might need.

The Keto OS MAX has great formulas that contains the bioidentical ketones to help the body have great absorption of nutrients as well as maintain nourishment in the body.




1) Keto 2.1 is Gluten Free but Keto 3.0 is Gluten and Dairy Free

2) Keto 2.1 is the only Keto OS product that contains MCT. MCTs are medium chain triglycerides that are easily absorbed by the body to convert into ketones for the body.

3) The 3.0 does not have MCTs but it contains amino acids and Butyric acid that helps with inflammation and digestion aids, benefits and the amino acids provides the body with other great benefits.

4) Keto OS MAX does not have MCTs or butyric acid

5) Keto OS MAX has highest and fastest absorption of BHBs




The Keto OS NAT is Pruvit’s Nutritionally advanced technology. It features C-Med 100 and the mixture is created to support healthy cell function in the body, repairs DNA rapidly, boost your body’s immune system and also help elevate the amino acids that your body needs.

How the OS NAT differs from the other Keto OS products is that is has even better bio-availability due to the blend of the N8 MAX NAT Blend as well as the KetoNAT BHB salts that helps facilitate quick absorption of ketones which reduces the time needed for the body to reach ketosis state.

It also suppresses appetite more and burns fat while controlling your hunger, reducing your urge to snack throughout the day.

The KETO OS NAT contains Vitamin B12, B6, Calcium, Sodium and is also Gluten and dairy free suitable for most diets. One of the negative things about the Keto OS NAT would be its caffeine amount. It contains caffeine which adds up to a 16 oz cup of coffee. This might be a problem if you take the supplement at night and if you are not tolerable towards coffee. However, if you are a coffee drinker, drinking this in the morning can help replace one of your coffee drinks as well throughout the day as it has other great ingredients in it that can benefit your body throughout the day. 


Keto Kreme


Next, Pruvit also has the Keto Kreme supplement. This is Pruvit’s Functional Fat Technology that contains natural ingredients to restore your body to its native state.

Keto Kreme is created with coconuts which is one of the healthiest fats and It contains great ingredients that are extremely helpful for keto dieters especially as it helps keep you nourished and healthy throughout your diet.

It contains MCT oil and coconut fat that is able to boost your energy and give you mental clarity that is faster and longer as compared to other oils and fats. Since it has MCT Oil, it is able to help prevent you from getting the Keto Flu as well and also help you get into ketosis faster. It also has AC 11. AC 11 assists the body in repairing cellular DNA structures in the body.

The technology used by Pruvit for this is patented and also has been scientifically proven to be able to extend telomere life as well.

The Keto Kreme is also gluten friendly however it is not vegan friendly as it does contain some dairy ingredients in it. It also comes in 4 different flavours that you can choose from. They have Pumpkin spice, Nutty Ketoman, Mayan Mocha and the Original Keto Kreme.

The Pruvit company also has other products like their Keto Kalm tea that is created and formulated with ingredients to keep your body calm and soothe. They also have their own line of MCT Oil which you can opt to buy for additional supplements as well as their Better Broth line which is a bone broth blend to help with your health and body.


Taste of Pruvit and How to take it

Most exogenous ketones are known to be awful in taste and something that people hate. However, with the Pruvit Keto OS the taste of it is quite manageable.

However, if you’d like to make it taste better you can add coconut water to your mixture or even unsweetened almond milk to improve the taste and give it something different.

Consuming the Keto OS is also extremely easy. All you would need to do is dissolve one packet in 12 to 16 oz of water (or coconut water or unsweetened almond milk), shake or stir it vigorously till combined. The supplement can also be taken with or without food meaning you can even take it as a smoothie in the morning as breakfast.

For the Keto Kreme, it can be added into your morning beverage of any kind but recommended by Pruvit for optimal performance to consume fasted with coffee. There is no hassle in it as you will only need to add in one packet to your drink.

As for the taste of the Keto Kreme, it can help improve the taste of acidic coffee and many other drinks. The powder is thick making your drink a little thicker and improving the taste of your morning drink.

The Keto OS supplements are meant to be taken twice a day in the morning and once more in the afternoon. Follow the dosage and timing of consumption accurately for the best effect the product can offer you.

While on your keto diet, make sure you take supplements along with it such as the Pruvit products. Other supplements such as MCT oils, Electrolytes and other vitamins your body might need that you cannot get from food are also important.

Also take note that during your keto diet, although it asks you to take fats in your diet, do not go snacking on junk food instead opt for healthy fats for your body like coconut oil.

Do take the Pruvit Keto OS supplement on a regular basis as well to get the most out of the BHBs in the products for the optimum result in your keto diet.


How does Pruvit work?

For the Exogenous based products from Pruvit such as their Keto OS line. Taking the supplement is able to reduce the time your body needs to reach ketosis. For example, taking the supplement your body can reach ketosis in hours but going through the food consumption way it might take couple of weeks.

Pruvit claims that their exogenous keto supplement helps your body reach ketosis state within 60 minutes of consumption which is a great deal especially if you accidentally eat something that causes your body to fall out of ketosis state. This will allow your body to remain in ketosis for a longer and more consistent time.

Those who are on a keto diet but hate the idea of having to wait for few weeks through eating to reach ketosis, keto supplements are a great and excellent choice. It helps your body reach ketosis with no worry.

How the product actually works is that after taking Keto OS supplement, your body has a high rise in blood ketones. The BHBs are absorbed into your bloodstream and converted to an effective energy source for your body.

Exogenous keto supplements are able to raise ketone levels in your body even before your body is in the state of ketosis. Both ways of reaching ketosis provide the same result, whether it is through food intake or an exogenous supplement.


Does Keto OS Pruvit work?

I would say that the Pruvit Keto OS product does work and should work well for you as well. It is an exogenous keto supplement which helps your body stay in ketosis state which is a state where basically your body is burning fat.

This is a great diet for those looking to loose weight and want to see results. With the Pruvit Keto OS line in your keto diet, it can ensure that your ketosis state is happening constantly. It gives you an easier way without having to do a lot of the hard work.

The Pruvit Keto has also a lot of benefits. After drinking it, i do feel more energized, less tired, helps me function better on my daily routine as well as help control my appetite as well. This is a truly helpful thing especially when on a diet and I would say Pruvit’s Keto OS does work.


Is Pruvit safe?

Generally, keto diet is a safe diet when done right. If done wrongly, without the right amount of nutrients and supplements taken to nourish your body, then the diet might turn the wrong way for you.

There has not been many studies on each Keto products even on the Pruvit keto products but the ingredients used in the products are mostly natural and safe for users to consumed.

Pruvit’s keto supplement consists of vitamins, electrolytes and all the nutrients that your body needs during a keto diet as you are restricting certain foods to your body, the supplement can offer your body the vitamins it needs as the food you consume might not have the daily amount of nutrients you need. Taking the supplement will definitely help your body much. 

Hence, Pruvit products are safe for consumers as it does not contain any harmful chemicals in it and it does help your body especially during your keto diet.



Supports Ketosis

One of the many good things about taking an exogenous keto supplement is that it is able to get your body into the state of ketosis within hours.

Depending on the product you take and how your body reacts to it, it can be an hour or even up to 5 hours as compared to following your keto diet which will take you about 2 weeks for your body to enter ketosis state. With the supplement, it can help improve your keto diet as well as help those who do not follow the diet strictly and gives some levay for cheat days throughout the diet.

Energy Boost

Another benefit the keto supplement offers is that it is able to give your body a boost of energy and also is a great source for fat burning. Since an exogenous keto helps your body stay in ketosis and maintain it, this allows your body to constantly burn fat.

Suppressing Appetite

When taking the pruvit keto supplement it is also great at suppressing appetite. The supplement does wonders to suppress my appetite especially during the night when is the time i usually get hungry mostly.


After consuming the Pruvit keto supplement, if you are still unsatisfied with the product within the first 30 days, the company offers a refund on the product. You can return the portion of the product that has been unused and get a refund minus shipping and the handling charges.

Through consuming the product, my body has reacted quite well to it as I have been able to control my appetite and lose weight throughout my diet with the help of the Pruvit supplement.



Cons about the Pruvit products itself there is nothing much to it except for the price of the supplement. Pruvit’s pricing is on the higher side as compared to other brands like Perfect Keto.

Other than that, there are not much cons on the product itself but you just would need to watch and take care of your body better on the diet as you are cutting out lots of things from the diet. Your body might be dehydrated or have not enough minerals to sustain itself, hence why it is important to take supplements during the keto diet.

While taking the Pruvit KETO OS supplement, your body might face side effects like cramping, diarrhea and constipation, Pruvit suggests to reduce the intake of the dosage of the keto powder and drink it slowly as well and magnesium supplements can help with constipation problems.

Keto OS 2.1 and Keto Kreme does contain MCTs in it which might affect your digestive system as well. If so, you might want to reduce the dosage and start of little and slowly increase the intake amount. This might be because your body has not fully adapted to your change in diet as the keto diet is a high fat diet it may affect your body.


Pruvit MLM Programme

The Pruvit company also has an MLM Programme that you can be involved in. An MLM programme is a multi level marketing programme that allows you to earn some money selling the product on a pyramid basis.

So for example, you will be paid once you recruit someone to the business and buys some products from you.

To be a Pruvit promoter it comes with a $37 annual fee that you would need to pay with no minimum purchase and with every person you recruit you receive something.

For example:

The first level would be the level where you have your personally referred promoters on it. Next the 2nd level is when your level 1 members have personal promoters and the third level is where the 2nd level promoters have their personal members on it and it goes on.

The Pruvit company also has their smartship benefits and some packages that are available for purchase.

Smartship is an autoship programme that is on a monthly basis which allows you to get your ketones fro 22% off. You are allows to change or cancel your products anytime. When you are an active member of Smartship it gives you a chance to earn Pruvit bucks as a Pruvit promoter.

Pruvit bucks is something you earn besides your commission and you can use your pruvit bucks to purchase any of the Pruvit products as well and all you would need to pay for is tax and shipping.

Also note that if you manage to get 2 people to sign up for smartship, your smartship becomes free.

Pruvit also has their packages called the Experience Promoter pack and the MAX Experience Promoter pack. Should you get it?

The Experience Promoter pack comes with 200 servings of 80 x MAX Maui Punch , 60 x 3.0 Chocolate Swirl and  a 60 x 2.1 Orange Dream. It also has a 1 year of residual commissions at Rank 5.

Normally you would receive a 20% bonus value on products your personal promoters purchase but with the Experience pack it has a Go Fast Bonus that allows you to get 40% for 30 days. With this experience pack you can actually sell as samples to potential members and get them to join Pruvit promoters membership as well as sell the things you buy as a sample for people to try different flavours as well.

With the MAX Experience pack you do get the same benefits but with additional products given. It comes with:

  • 40 x Vanilla Ski
  • 40 x Splash
  • 40 x Swiss Cacao
  • 40 x Raspberry Lemonade
  • 40 x Maui Punch
  • 60 x Heart Tart Charged FREE
  • 4 x Hacked Magazines FREE


All in all, the Pruvit MLM programme does not seem like a scam or something sketchy. Lots of people have tried the programme and have found great success in it. If you do take the product and want to find a way to get it cheaper or even for free, the Pruvit programme can help you with this.




Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Where Can I Buy Pruvit Keto Supplements?

You can purchase Pruvit Keto directly from the Pruvit website, through the link we provide above. It lt is also available on amazon  

Is Pruvit Keto OS Vegan and Dairy Free?

Not all the Pruvit supplements are vegan but the Pruvit Keto OS 3.0 Chocolate and the Keto OS MAX Maui Punch are both vegan and dairy free.

Is Pruvit Keto OS Gluten free?

Yes it is. 

Do I need to be on a specific diet or a keto diet to take Pruvit's supplements?

There is no need for a specific diet to take the supplements. Consuming Pruvit Keto OS on its own can also bring the benefits to your body. 

However, it is recommended to start of with a low carb diet while on the Pruvit Keto OS supplement. For example a keto diet, taking Pruvit supplements with the diet will improve the results of your diet and help you out during your diet as well. 

Final Verdict

Pruvit Keto is a great product with great benefits. One of the good things about the brand is that it offers a wide range to target more people. Some of their products are gluten, dairy free. This allows a great option for everyone. 

I think that Pruvit is a great product everyone should give a try. With its wide range there definitely is something for everyone. It comes with great health benefits and helps your body during your diet very much. 

This is for you if:

  • Looking for a gluten, vegan or dairy free supplement
  • Want to try variety of flavors for your supplements
  • Looking for a boost in your diet and energy
  • Afraid that the product might no work, you do not want to invest. The supplements are refundable so fret not. 

Potential downside include:

  • Certain products that contain MCT might cause digestive issues for your body 
  • There are minimal side effects that some might face
  • Price of the product is high


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