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Purefit Keto (Shark Tank) Review in 2019: Is this a scam?

Editor’s Rating: 7.5/10

Purefit KETO is a supplement help you undergo the benefits of ketosis with much more ease than doing it naturally.This article discusses all you need to know about this supplements, from its benefits, value, to its disadvantages and even may some potential side effects.

To achieve true ketosis is actually very difficult. It requires a lot of discipline and restrictions in your diet, mostly your carb intake. The carbohydrates in your diet must be replaced by healthy fats for your body to rely on. Even with strict dietary plan and discipline, it still might take days even a week to achieve ketosis, and it could still be a struggle to maintain the state of ketosis.


With the help of Purefit Keto, your body will be able to achieve your goals to lose weight.

Key takeaways:

  • Natural Ingredients used in the supplement
  • Purefit keto has great ingredients to assist in weight loss (BHBs)
  • Help improve your keto diet and help your body get into ketosis state


What is Purefit KETO

Purefit KETO is a heavily talked about exogenous ketone supplement that comes in the form of capsules. It is made for dieters who are practising a keto diet and find it a struggle to achieve ketosis doing it through nutrition alone.

The Purefit KETO helps keto dieters stay on track with their diet plans in order to achieve the goals they have setted for themselves.

Some exogenous products over the years have entered into the market and left the market in the blink of an eye. Hence, it is a good sign that the Purefit KETO has been here for quite some time which means they must be getting favor from their customers.

Purefit KETO is a non-GMO (Genetically Modified Food) and is made completely from natural ingredients. Purefit KETO contains various Beta-Hydroxybutyrate which is actually the first ketone bodies your body releases through the liver when transitioning to the state of ketosis. The BHB in Purefit KETO are magnesium BHB, calcium BHB and sodium BHB which totals up to 800 mg per capsule.

Purefit also contains magnesium stearate which is a simple salt made from mineral magnesium and the saturated fat stearic acid. It is used as a release agent  in many nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals, hence why Purefit is a good and unique product.


Short Explanation of Ketosis

All of our bodies normally uses carbohydrates or glucose as a source of energy. This is how our bodies naturally work. However, when you are deprived of carbohydrates, there is no choice but for the body to look for other sources of energy.

Your body will then seek to burn fat instead as its backup process. Simultaneously, the body will release ketone bodies are released to supply energy to the body and fuel our cells such as your brain cells and muscle cells.

When this process occurs, you are in the state of ketosis. The burning of fat in the body can result in loss of weight.


Scam or no scam?

Purefit KETO had promoted themselves by using the credibility of the shark tank’s investors and claimed that their product was the biggest investment to happen on the popular series.

“Popular” was the word mentioned to describe Purefit KETO, but this brand has been very much talked about because of this information that was spreaded around.

But is this true? Upon researching, there was no such episode to be found. Many people who were interested in this so called episode were unable to find it. Eventually, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) announced that the information was false. Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban also voiced out on twitter tweeting that it did not happen.

Let’s continue to discuss to find out more about the product itself.


Is it a good product?

The surprising thing was that even though word started spread about the false information, customers were still happy with the results they were seeing. As people most commonly start keto diet to lose weight, they notice that this supplement is really doing the job.

People who have seen a plateau in their weight loss managed to break the stagnancy after getting the aid of the Purefit KETO. As they were happy with what they saw, they continued to be customers to Purefit KETO allowing this brand to remain among the top of its field.

So the real question is, is this the product that fits you best? Well, it has been for many, but you will know for sure once you have tried it out for yourself.


Ingredients of Purefit Keto


Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

As mentioned above, the Purefit KETO is mainly made out of BHB. What the BHB does is act as a catalyst to achieve ketosis and enhance weight loss by initiating the breaking down of calories in the body. When you are in the state of ketosis, the body will burn fat rather than carbs and use them for energy.

What haven’t been mention is that BHB is also a detoxifying agent and controls the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that harms the cells in our bodies.

As a detoxifying agent, it prevents fats from restoring in your body to keep you in shape and helps the brain function well too. The reason being to why it is good for the brains is because BHB as the ability to penetrate through some of the barriers in your body, one of them being the blood brain barrier. This allows the BHB to improve our mental performance and sharpness.

The three BHB in the Purefit KETO once again are the magnesium BHB, calcium BHB and sodium BHB in a proprietary blend adding up to 800 mg per capsule. It is important for the transition into ketosis


Magnesium stearate

Magnesium stearate is a mostly inert material and very commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a filler in tablets as well as capsules.

The function of the magnesium stearate in the Purefit KETO is not so much to help with ketosis but more towards controlling keto-flu which is some symptoms you might face when performing the keto diet.


Rice flour

Rice flour is high in protein as is used as an alternative to gluten heavy wheat flours. It does not directly help with the effectiveness of the Purefit KETO pill, but it does provide some additional benefits to for its consumers.


Silicon dioxide

The presence of silicon dioxide in the Purefit KETO pill is important to act as an anti caking-agent. In other words, it prevents the contents inside the capsules from clumping into one another.



This substance is added to make it into an actual capsule and helps the the capsule to be digested smoothly.



The main point of taking this exogenous supplement is to help keto dieters achieve ketosis without much difficulty as well as to maintain its state through a longer period. But the Purefit KETO have of course other benefits that we will talk about here.


Helps you enter ketosis easily and remain in the state

This is why BHB have been mentioned so many times and the Purefit KETO pills are made mostly from this substance. As a matter of fact, two pills of Purefit KETO have enough exogenous ketones for your liver to start using fat stores to produce energy rather than carbs.

You can notice that it is easier to have more control over your diet and it will help you continue your program for a longer period of time.


Helps you lose weight

Purefit KETO in fact has been actually marketing this product as a weight loss pill rather than a keto supplement. This indicates that this product was designed to help people lose weight and achieve their weight goals.

Purefit KETO claims that their studies has shown a rate of weight loss of almost 1 pound per day when your keto diet is supported by the Purefit KETO pill. On top of that, the fats loss are targeted to where you may want it the most such as the abdominal areas.

The ability of the supplement to help you have a healthier appetite will definitely also lead to weight loss and getting into good shape.


Helps you prevent Keto-Flu

Keto dieters especially the beginners tend to face the problem of Keto-flu which obstructs their progress with the diet plan. By taking Purefit KETO, symptoms such as nausea, stomach upset, headaches and fatigue are much more under control.

The magnesium stearate in the capsule is the reason being to why this Keto-flu can be prevented or reduced and it is why this component is added into the capsule.

Besides that, the Purefit Keto will help you a good night’s sleep while most beginners in keto diet may face some struggles.


Helps your athleticism and endurance

Many athletes do rely on exogenous ketones supplements such as this to help them in their trainings. It is hard to have a good training session with fatigue and weakness after a tiring day.

Purefit KETO helps you with your endurance and energy level to make your trainings more efficient. Runners even take them to be able to run for a longer distant.


Helps you with your mental functionality

Purefit KETO do offer some ability to help with neurological disorders. Exogenous ketone supplements are known to help the brain function well. BHB can cross mental barriers and help the brain function smoothly.

Purefit KETO helps keep you alert and concentrated with whatever task you are trying to accomplish.


Should you buy Purefit KETO?

Well if you are in search for an exogenous ketone supplement, Purefit KETO is one of the most popular on the market and among the top contenders too. It has been around for sometime, longer than quite a few of its competitors which do offer it some credibility.

Many have gotten results from taking this supplement as most people do take it with the primary goal of losing weight.

Sure some people have been calling this product a scam and there have been some sketchy scandal about the Shark Tank incident and this bring some shame to the company. But results do speak and results are a big reason to why Purefit KETO has been still up and running just fine.

If what you are searching for is a keto supplement to help you lose weight, then you should definitely opt for this. Some of its competitors are more towards helping with  mental improvements or raising energy levels, but Purefit KETO has been clear about this being a supplement that helps with weight loss.


The best way to take Purefit KETO

Here is a simple guideline to take the supplement.

  1. The capsules should be taken along with water and to optimise results do take them twice a day.
  2. Keep your keto diet on track and it regularly throughout the day.
  3. Watch the results on your body.



Here are some additional advantages that the Purefit Keto pills can provide you.


Detoxifies your digestive system

Purefit KETO helps detoxify your digestive system, through that digestive problems like gassiness, bloatedness or acidic stomach can be reduced significantly.


Shrinks your appetite

Purefit KETO prevents you from craving unnecessary food especially those that do not bring any nutritional value to your body. It also prevents overeating by blocking you from wanting to eat more when you have already taken the right amount of food for your body. This helps drop your calories and increase the chances of a calorie deficit which is needed to lose weight.


Prevents fat cells from forming in your body

Some of the components in the Purefit KETO does a good job at disallowing the formation of fat cells within your body.


Induces the Development of HDL

HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein which is actually a good cholesterol that makes causes you to have a healthier body and strengthens your immune system.

By eating junk food and fast food, the LDL or low density lipoprotein in your bodies increases and this is a bad cholesterol which does the opposite of HDL. In harms your health of your heart and messes with your blood pressure too. Purefit KETO increases the level of HDL in your body, hence giving you a better immune system to fight diseases and conditions  such as obesity, strokes and heart attacks.


Is equally effective for both men and women

Many supplements out there are more effective for certain genders as the hormones in the body plays a role for the efficiency of the supplement but the Purefit KETO performs equally well for both genders.


Disadvantages and some potential side effects

You must be serious with your keto diet

Unfortunately for many people Purefit KETO is not magic, you won’t achieve ketosis just by taking the supplement and you definitely will not gain the benefits of ketosis or the supplement if you do not play your part. If you are still eating more carbs than permitted, then even the best keto supplement can never help you enter ketosis as your body will have glucose to burn for fuel.


You must be above 18 to take this supplement

The minimum age for taking the pills are below 18 and it will not be sold to those younger.


Pregnant ladies should not take this supplement

Ladies who are carrying a baby must be careful with their intake of any supplement or even food for the sake of theirs and the baby’s health. Hence pregnant ladies are strongly discouraged from taking it.

Additional note: ladies breastfeeding are also strongly discouraged from taking the capsule.


You MUST NOT take this supplement if you have diabetes

If you are suffering diabetes or other diseases on the kidney, you must not take the supplement as it will harm you almost instantaneously. This is not just applicable to Purefit KETO, but for all keto supplements and similar products as it is dangerous for you.

Effectiveness of this supplement is dependent on your body too

Not everyone will see the exact same results when taking the Purefit KETO. Certain people will see better results and some may be less.


Side effects

Although most customers have said that they don’t suffer any noticeable side effect. However through some research here are some things we have discovered.

  1. Nausea
  2. Stomach discomfort
  3. Headaches

If you do suffer from the above mentioned side effects, try reducing the amount of Purefit you’re taking. Also, ensure that you are taking other supplements of nutrients like calcium, magnesium and potassium that might help reduce the symptoms mentioned above.

One of the main side effects of a keto diet is usually the Keto Flu. If you do experience this, taking Purefit keto might likely help reduce your symptoms as it has the ingredient in it which is magnesium stearate that is in the supplement to help with Keto flu.




Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Where Can I Buy Purefit Keto?

To purchase the exact Purefit Keto supplement that I am talking about, you can find the exact product through the link above. 

How does Purefit Keto help my body?

Purefit Keto is mainly made out of BHBs which is a catalyst to help your body achieve ketosis. BHBs are the ketones that your body releases first when going into the state of ketosis.

Since the supplement mainly consist of BHBs this will help enhance your body’s ability to lose weight as it breaks down the calories in the body. The supplement is also able to prevent fat cells from forming in the body. 

Is Purefit Keto safe?

Yes, Purefit Keto is safe as it is made out of natural ingredients. However, there are some side effects that you might face in the beginning phase of taking the supplement.

How long does one bottle of Purefit Keto last?

Each bottle comes with 60 capsules, if you are taking two capsules a day, the bottle can last you for 30 days. 

Purefit Keto offers you the option to purchase the 30 day, 90 day or 150 day kit. If you would like to try out the product you can opt for the 30 day kit first. 

Final Verdict

You should opt for Purefit KETO if you have some struggles in losing weight. It comes from all natural ingredients, hence the minimal side effects. Nonetheless, before taking any of these type of supplement, it is always advisable to seek professionals opinions as it might not be right for your body. You should see some positive results if you are on track with your diet and taking the right amount of dosage.

Although, the Shark Tank scandal has been heavily discussed when mentioning the Purefit KETO, it is important to notice that they have a good customer retention rate indicating happy customers. Sure some may give bad reviews about it, but like said earlier, this supplement like any supplement is not magic and it also does not have the same results for all bodies. So, you have to try it to truly know if it works for you.

This is for you if:

  • on a keto diet but find it hard to achieve ketosis
  • looking for a boost in energy 
  • looking for a boost in your workout 

Potential downside include:

  • minor side effects
  • Its official website is not very informative
  • Not suitable for those who are diabetic, pregnant and breastfeeding


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